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Vancouver Island Compassion Society Cannabis and Psychedelic Studies Scholarship

One or more scholarships of $5,000 each are awarded to graduate students whose research is focused on therapeutic or medically beneficial applications for cannabis or psychedelics and/or increasing access to medical cannabis or psychedelics (increased access via cost-coverage, stigma reduction, etc.). The scholarship is renewable for the duration of the graduate degree, up to a maximum of four years, as long as the student is making good academic progress in the same degree. Students may apply via the online graduate scholarship application between July 1st and September 15th. 

Approval of the recipient(s) will be made by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Graduate Awards Committee. 



Application deadline

September 15


Normally, the minimum requirement for consideration is an A- average and any additional criteria that has been established by the donor. Application details, deadlines and eligibility criteria are all listed in the award description. Unless otherwise noted in the award description, you must be a full-time graduate student. 

How to apply

 Students may apply via the online graduate scholarship application between July 1st and September 15th.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your Online Tools account                         
  3. Select “Apply for Awards” or “View and modify current award applications” if you have previously viewed/started this application
  4. Select the Aid Year and Period
  5. Select the Application “FGS Scholarship Application”
  6. Complete sections of application, ensuring you click ‘apply for award’ on each individual award page for the award you are applying for
  7. Submit any required documentation to
  8. SUBMIT your application

Retaining funding

Ongoing UVic graduate funding requires students to maintain a minimum level of academic standing and some ongoing maintenance.