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Norma Mickelson Legacy Scholarship

One or more scholarships are awarded to undergraduate or graduate students in the Faculty of Education who have achieved academic excellence, and who are actively involved in the community and have a record of outstanding contributions to the community through their work as volunteers.

Applications must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a community/volunteer group providing evidence of the exceptional contributions the applicant has made, and a second letter of recommendation from a Faculty of Education faculty member.

Application forms for this scholarship are available from the Dean's Office in the Faculty of Education. 

Graduate student, approval of the recipient(s) will be made by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Graduate Awards Committee upon the recommendation of the Faculty of Education.




Normally, the minimum requirement for consideration is an A- average and any additional criteria that has been established by the donor. Application details, deadlines and eligibility criteria are all listed in the award description. Unless otherwise noted in the award description, you must be a full-time graduate student. 

Retaining funding

Ongoing UVic graduate funding requires students to maintain a minimum level of academic standing and some ongoing maintenance.