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Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher Scholarships

One or more scholarships are awarded for undergraduate or graduate female students registered in pre-medicine disciplines such as biochemistry/microbiology, biology or chemistry who show exceptional promise and who show firm intention to continue on to medical school.

Approval of the graduate recipients will be made by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Graduate Awards Committee upon the recommendation of the appropriate departments. Approval of the undergraduate students will be made by the Senate Committee on Awards. Application forms for undergraduate students are available from the Office of the Administrative Registrar and must be submitted no later than April 30th.



Application deadline

No application required


Normally, the minimum requirement for consideration is an A- average and any additional criteria that has been established by the donor. Awards are assigned based on nominations from eligible academic units. Unless otherwise noted in the award description, you must be a full-time graduate student. 

Retaining funding

Ongoing UVic graduate funding requires students to maintain a minimum level of academic standing and some ongoing maintenance.

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