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University of Victoria Graduate Award Regulations

  1. No duties are attached to these graduate awards.
  2. All graduate award holders must maintain continuous registration (1.5 units) during the tenure of their award. You may interrupt your award only for the reasons of maternity, child-rearing, illness, or health related family responsibilities. Requests for interruptions must be approved by both your academic unit and Graduate Studies, and may require additional documentation. Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarship Officer as soon as possible before commencing your leave of absence.
  3. Renewal of graduate awards is not automatic. Consideration for subsequent awards is at the discretion of the academic unit offering the award and is contingent upon the maintenance of a cumulative grade point average of at least 7.00.
  4. Graduate awards are not portable from one department to another.
  5. Award payments will not continue in a subsequent term if fees from the previous term have not been paid in full.
  6. Tuition fees are not deducted from graduate award payments. Students are responsible for paying their tuition fees through Accounting Services.
  7. Award payments will cease at the end of the term the student takes the final oral and/or written examination. Only under exceptional circumstances will there be continuation of the award into the subsequent term and this must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  8. Any payment made for a period during which you are not eligible to hold the graduate award must be reimbursed to UVic.

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