Reports and statistics

Annual Report

  • Equity and Human Rights Annual Report 2020-2021
  • Equity and Human Rights Annual Report 2019-2020
  • Equity and Human Rights Annual Report 2018-2019

BC Human Rights Tribunal reports

UVic receives approval from the BC Human Rights Tribunal for our Employment Equity Plan. Approval of our plans allows UVic to engage in preferential and limited hiring.  (Note: The UVic Employment Equity Plan has been extended to September 2021.)

Employment Equity Plan Internal Reports

With changes in BC Human Rights Tribunal reporting requirements in 2017, UVic is no longer required to submit annual reports to the Tribunal on our Employment Equity Plan. We continue to produce regular reports on our Employment Equity work to support achievement of the goals of the Plan and inform the UVic community of our progress.

Statistics on complaints

We compile statistics on our responses to complaints at UVic. These statistics are compiled in a manner which preserves the confidentiality of those who come to the office.