Celebrating student voices through "on the Verge" writing contest

The annual on the Verge writing contest showcases and celebrates emerging UVic student voices.

This year's theme was home. What does "home" mean? What does it mean to be "home" on Vancouver Island, in Canada, a land that has been home for thousands of years to diverse Indigenous peoples? How do our experiences of "home" move us towards understandings of ourselves and others?

UVic students Rachel Lallouz (English), Kate Fry (English), Nicholas Guerreiro (creative writing) and Chris Tse (social work) all took home first place prizes of $250. Heather Purves (law), Sarah Jackson (law), Riga Godron (economics) and Emma Field (biology and environmental studies) took home second place prizes of $150.

Read the winning entries at https://www.uvic.ca/news/topics/2018+on-the-verge-contest+news