Giving to engineering & computer science

We’re expanding our physical spaces to increase our capacity for next-generation engineering. Canada’s economic future is tied to clean and sustainable growth, and our researchers and graduates will lead the way.

Advancing innovation. Building inspiration.

The world is changing rapidly. We need engineers and computer scientists to drive innovation and help solve the world’s most urgent issues. With your support, we will expand our engineering and computer science facilities to produce the leaders of tomorrow. Learn more

Our priorities

Student support

Your support opens doors to students from diverse backgrounds and rewards their hard work. Help us establish additional scholarships and bursaries, or fund our student teams and clubs achieving success outside the classroom.

Dynamic learning

We’re already leading the way in dynamic learning, but you can help us expand experiential learning opportunities to all students. We want to create even more hands-on design experiences and entrepreneurial co-ops.

Vital impact

Your partnership can strengthen our research—inspiring discovery and innovation that has vital impact on people, places and the planet. We have a breadth of research in:

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Cyberphysical systems
  • Energy systems
  • Green and smart cities

Support graduate and post-doctoral fellowships, endowed or term chairs and professorships, or fund individual research projects.

Academic units

Each department and program has unique strengths and priority areas. Choose the program or project that most inspires you and aligns with your vision.

Outreach and community engagement

Support initiatives like our outreach programs that encourage school-age children to choose engineering and computer science as career paths. With your help, we can make the programs even more accessible and valuable for tomorrow's students.

Contact us

If you have any questions about giving or would like assistance planning your contribution, please contact:

Title Name Phone Email
Senior Development Officer Anne-Lise Loomer 250-853-3245
Campaign Director Katherine Blake 250-472-5871
Development Coordinator Lauren Stamhuis 250-472-4210