Distinguished Alumni Awards (DAA)

The University of Victoria (UVic) and the University of Victoria Alumni Association (UVAA) recognize UVic’s stellar graduates who, through their extraordinary endeavours, bring honour to themselves and to their alma mater in a multitude of ways.

Through annual awards, UVic and the UVAA celebrate the diverse achievements of alumni and provide an opportunity to share these inspirational stories throughout the year.

Nomination period: Oct. 1 to Dec. 17, 2021.

Nominations are now open

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Presidents’ Alumni Awards

Top awards given by the President of UVic and the President of the UVAA to distinguished alumni. The Presidents’ Alumni Award is the Alumni Association’s highest honour. This award recognizes the outstanding lifetime accomplishments of alumni who have earned national or international regard or have had significant local impact as a result of their outstanding professional achievements and/or service to society. At least one alumni award recipient will be selected who was registered as an international student for the majority of their studies at UVic and the graduate has lived outside of Canada for at least five years since the time of nomination.


  • Demonstrates sustained and significant contributions in one or more of the following areas: professional achievement, cultural achievement or leadership, sporting achievement and/or community leadership.
  • Work, whether professional or volunteer, demonstrates a significant positive impact that has been felt by many—locally, nationally and/or internationally.
  • Through prominence in their field/profession, brings great distinction to UVic.
  • Has achieved sustained success over their career that is noteworthy and exceptional.
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities in a variety of contexts that could include volunteerism, community work or through their profession.

Emerging Alumni Awards

Recognize the outstanding professional achievements and/or contributions of recent alumni to the community. Nominees must have been graduated 10 years or less at time of nomination deadline.


  • Work, whether professional or volunteer, demonstrates a significant positive impact that has been felt by many—locally, nationally and/or internationally.
  • Their accomplishment(s) raise their profile and standing within their community, country or internationally and/or bring greater recognition to their profession.
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities in a variety of contexts that could include volunteerism, community work or through their profession.
  • Work and/or contribution in their community inspires action, emotion or a response in others.

Indigenous Community Alumni Awards

Recognize contributions of alumni to Indigenous communities, which have improved outcomes for Indigenous people and contributes to Truth and Reconciliation. Minimum of one award to be given to an Indigenous graduate.


  • Demonstrates an outstanding contribution to Indigenous communities showing how their work has improved outcomes for Indigenous people.
  • Work, whether professional or volunteer, demonstrates a significant positive impact within Indigenous communities (in Canada or elsewhere).
  • Demonstrates how their work contributes to the reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.
  • Their role, work and/or contribution in their community raises awareness of Indigenous issues and inspires action, emotion or a positive response in others.

How to nominate

Eligibility requirements

  • Nominees must have earned a degree, diploma or certificate at UVic (as conferred by the Senate); have completed 15 units of studies at Victoria College; or graduated from Victoria Normal School. 
  • Current UVic faculty and staff who are also UVic graduates are eligible.
  • Current or recent members of the UVic Alumni Association Board (i.e. past two years) and members of their families are not eligible to be nominated. Exceptions may be made where an award is time-sensitive.
  • Members of public office are not eligible to receive a Distinguished Alumni Award during their term. Once the individual no longer holds an elected or appointed position in political office they are eligible.
  • Past Distinguished Alumni Award recipients are only eligible in categories other than the category in which they have already been given an award. In addition, their subsequent achievements must be substantially different from those for which their first award was given. 
  • Alumni who have received an Honorary Degree from the UVic are not eligible. 
  • Alumni Awards are not awarded posthumously.

Contact alumasst@uvic.ca with any questions regarding eligibility.

Once you have confirmed the eligibility of the UVic graduate you wish to nominate for an Alumni Award, complete your nomination package.


UVic embeds practices of equity, diversity, accessibility, inclusion and dialogue throughout the university community so that all members feel welcomed, valued and supported to achieve their highest potential. Nominations that reflect the diversity of our graduates are welcome and encouraged.

Nomination form

Complete your nomination form.

You can complete the online form HERE or click HERE to download a PDF to print and submit a paper copy.

Written statement

Address the eligibility criteria and detail why the nominee deserves to be recognized by outlining the information below:

  • Describe your relationship to the nominee. (100 words maximum)
  • Clearly explain the impact the nominee’s accomplishments have had on their profession, community and/or society. (200 words maximum)
  • How are the nominee’s achievements exceptional? What differentiates them from others? Why do these achievements go above and beyond what is normally expected of someone in a similar role? (200 words maximum)
  • In what ways does the nominee demonstrate how a UVic education contributes “to a better future for people and the planet?” How do they bring honour to UVic and inspire you and others? (200 words maximum)
  • Please address the specific criteria for the award category to which you are submitting this nomination. (300 words maximum)
    For example:
    (1) Presidents’ Alumni Award: Why does the nominee merit the highest alumni award honour?
    (2) Emerging Alumni Award: What are the outstanding professional achievements and contributions to the community of the nominee who has graduated within the last 10 years at the time of the nomination deadline?
    (3) Indigenous Community Alumni Award: How have the contributions of the nominee made a profound and positive impact to Indigenous communities, have improved outcomes for Indigenous people or contribute to Truth and Reconciliation?

Letter(s) of support

  • Ideal supporter(s) are people who can personally comment on the specific achievements, contributions and the impact of the actions of the person nominated.
  • Reference letter(s) are intended to support and add broader detail to the information provided in the answers to the written statement and summary questions.
  • At least one letter of support is required. If you collect more than one letter, include a maximum of three letters. If you include more than three letters in your nomination package, only the first three will be reviewed.
  • Letters of support must be written specifically for the Alumni Awards program. Letters of support written for other awards, honours or scholarships are not accepted.
  • Referees with high standing in their community, field or profession are recommended.

If you would like a list of detailed instructions for the letters of support, please contact alumasst@uvic.ca.

You may want to reach out to various individuals to request a letter of support for your nominee. Please contact alumasst@uvic.ca if you would like a sample template for a letter of request of support.

Supporting evidence (optional)

  • Providing additional information such as previous awards received, media clippings, weblinks, and photographs will be accepted as part of the nomination. No external drives or devices will be accepted (i.e. USB sticks).
  • All supporting evidence must directly relate to the category and eligibility of the alumni award category.
  • CVs, additional letters of support or lists of publications will not be accepted nor will other additional information be reviewed if does not relate nor directly support the nomination.
  • A maximum of three attachments will be accepted.


Online forms may be used to submit nominations and can be accessed HERE.

Printed nomination packages may be submitted via the following methods: 

  • Mail: UVic Alumni Relations PO Box 1700 STN CSC Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2
  • Drop Off: Alumni House Ian Stewart Complex 3964 Gordon Head Road Victoria BC V8N 3X3

All materials must be received/post marked by the closing date of nominations, Dec. 17, 2021 or earlier.
What to leave out

  • Lists of academic publications or conference presentations.
  • Resumes or curriculum vitaes.
  • Additional support letters beyond the maximum of three accepted.