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Long distance privileges and authorization codes

Long distance privileges are determined by the department head based on your requirements to conduct university business. A "class of service" defines the access level for making outbound calls.

Class A: campus local to local

  • can dial another local on campus
  • Can dial 911

Class B: campus local to local plus

  • class A, plus:
  • toll free (i.e. 1-800/888)
  • automated operator for placing calling card calls, collect, and third number billed (to an off-campus number)

Class C: Victoria free calling area

  • class B, plus:
  • Victoria free calling area
  • 411 (directory assistance for Victoria free calling area)

Class D: North America long distance

  • class C, plus:
  • direct dialing long distance within North America
  • Long distance directory assistance within North America (xxx-555-1212)

Class E: international long distance

  • class D, plus:
  • direct dialing long distance anywhere (except 1-900)

To change the class of service for your local, talk to your department administrator or contact Network Services at

Authorization codes (for long distance calling)

The "Authorization code" feature is used to assist with securing a phone for outbound calls (e.g. block long distance calling to every user except those with the authorization code) and/or to separate long distance calls for a local that has more than one person placing calls.

It works by choosing a class of service (see above) for outbound calling and then choosing a class of service for the authorization code. For example, local xxxx will be assigned class C which allows any user to place local free calls within Victoria, but in order to place an international call (class D), users would have to enter an authorization code.

  • A UVic local can have up to six different authorization codes.
  • An authorization code can be configured on more than one UVic local.
  • A different FAST code can be assigned to each authorization code to separate long distance changes without needing to do an internal charge voucher (ICV) transaction.

To use your authorization code see instructions under dialing information