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Network Services (NETS) provides voice communications and associated services for all of the university campus and specific off-campus university facilities (except for the student residence rooms). Network Services staff provide:

  • Phone line installations and repairs.
  • Changes to telephone locals and multi-line calling trees.
  • Repairs to physical handsets and public courtesy phones.
  • Access to self-service tools and digital phone services.

Report a telephone service issue

Need to move your local or get a new number?

Your UVic local number can be moved or changed. Common reasons include:

  • Moving to a new office.
  • Space renovations that include network port changes.
  • Needing to share a local number with another person.

Contact us at with the following information:

  • What change is required?
  • Who/what is the move or change for?
  • If you are moving, where is the local moving from and where is it going to? Include building and room number.
  • Is a new telephone handset required to accommodate the move or change? Is there an existing unused network port in the new location or is new wiring required?
  • What FAST code will be charged?

Please note that each local is owned by the department that purchased it. If you're moving to a new department and want to keep your local, discuss with your department administrators.

Need to buy a new telephone handset?

UVic offers a variety of telephone handsets for use on campus. There are one time charges based on the actual costs of hardware, software, and licenses.

If you're interested in buying a UVic cellphone for you work, we also offer discounted devices through Rogers.

Billing and service rates information

You can view any charges for voice services (i.e. long distance fees, voicemail fees, cell phone fees, etc.) on your FAST account by visiting the Voice Services Charges Viewer. In order to login, you will need:

  • an active NetLink ID.
  • authorization to view your FAST account information.
  • an on-campus connection or VPN connection.
If you have any queries regarding any telephone or voice services related to billing transactions, please contact University Systems General Office by emailing .

Long distance calling and rates

UVic's long distance services are provided through Bell Canada.

  • Calls within North America are 2.9 cents per minute.
  • International long distance rates vary and may change without notice.

If you have questions about long distance calling for your department, contact Network Services at

Monthly telephone billing

Departments are billed monthly for their telephone services. This includes costs per phone line, voicemail box, and standard telephone network fees. Fees for specialty telephone services are also included in your monthly bill.

Learn more about the current costs for ongoing telephone service rates.

Additional telephone related services

We provide a number of specialty telephone services to UVic departments.

Have more questions?

If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, please reach out to the Computer Help Desk.