Social psychology

Social psychology is a broad field that includes the study of individuals' cognitions, feelings, and behaviours in self-reflection and interaction with others.

The department's program in social psychology includes faculty who conduct research at a broad range of levels of analysis (i.e., individual, interpersonal, intragroup, intergroup, and societal levels), giving students the opportunity to master multiple perspectives on human behaviour.

Students are expected to seek a PhD once they complete an MSc and, in general, to work in a topic area that is compatible with the expertise of at least one faculty member (see their web pages).

For further information about applying (including on-line application forms), visit the Department's graduate admissions page.

Core faculty

Frederick Grouzet, Ph.D., Associate Professor

  • Motivation, goals and self-regulation
  • Self-determination theory
  • self and identity
  • Well-being and flourishing
  • Ecological well-being and sustainability
  • Research Methods and Structural Equation Modeling

 Kelci Harris, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

  • Friendship
  • Personality and Personality Development
  • Intergroup Relationships
  • Life Transitions​
  • Latent Variable Analysis
  • Multilevel Modeling

Nigel Mantou Lou, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

  • Motivation
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Immigration
  • Language learning
  • Beliefs
  • Identity

Danu Stinson, Ph.D., Associate Professor

  • Self-Esteem
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Health
  • Research Methods


Emeritus faculty

Janet Bavelas, Ph.D., Professor

  • face-to-face dialogue
  • microanalysis of communication
  • psychotherapy and medical interactions
  • research methods

Facilities and resources

The department has a Social Interaction Lab that is equipped with a control room, audiovisual and video recording equipment, and group testing facilities. Individual faculty members also have computer-equipped laboratory space for interviews and small-group studies, plus equipment for conducting reaction-time studies and assessment of neuroendocrine responses (i.e., salivary cortisol testing). Facilities are also available for conducting web-based survey research.

Graduate students also have the opportunity to participate in regular area discussion meetings (e.g., to present and receive feedback on their research), and we have a speaker series in which experts are invited to speak to our program area.

Masters degree program

18 units (15 units for students with an undergraduate Honours degree) (where 1.5 units is awarded for a course that meets for 3 hours per week for a 13-week term), including these required courses:

Plus 1.5 units of elective courses:

* If offered during the first or second year of student's master's training.

PhD program

30 units are required, including:

* If not taken during student's Master's training.

Graduate students

Desgrosseilliers, Elysia: MSc Social Psychology Program (supervisor: Dr. Stinson)
  • Close relationships
  • Women in the Canadian Armed Forces

Lowey, Erin: MSc Social Psychology Program (supervisor: Dr. Stinson)
  • Close relationships
  • Well-Being

Maillet, Myles: PhD Social Psychology Program (supervisor: Dr. Grouzet)
  • Eating behaviours
  • Self-regulation
  • Mindfulness & well-being
Slobozianu, Monica: MSc Social Psychology Program (supervisor: Dr. Grouzet)
  • Motivational Profile
  • Self-Regulation
  • Self-Determination Theory


Abrami, Jessica
(MSc; supervisor: Grouzet)

Bezeau, Colleen
(PhD; supervisor: Grouzet)

Carey, Tyler
(PhD; supervisor: Grouzet)

Durocher, Lisa
(MSc; supervisor: Grouzet)

Fisher, Alexandra
(PhD; supervisors: Stinson, Sakaluk)

Gibson, Taylor
(MSc; supervisor: Grouzet)

He, Theresa
(MSc; supervisor: Stinson)

Healing, Sara
(MSc; supervisor: Bavelas)

Hoplock, Lisa
(PhD; supervisor: Stinson)

Huang, Eric
(PhD; supervisor: Stinson)

Joordens, Chantele
(MSc; supervisor: Stinson)

Kalajdzic, Anastasja
(MSc; supervisor: Stinson)

Lee, Elliott
(PhD; supervisor: Grouzet)

Robertson, MacKenzie
(MSc; supervisor: Stinson)

Rush, Jonathan
(MSc; supervisor: Grouzet)

Spence, Tom:
(MSc; supervisor: Grouzet)

Tomori, Christine
(MSc; supervisor: Bavelas)

Werner, Kaitlyn
(MSc; supervisor: Grouzet)