Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson
Professor Emeritus
Political Science
Office: DTB A344

PhD (1978) (UBC)

Area of expertise

BC provincial politics and public policy

Jeremy Wilson completed his BA and MA at the University of Alberta and Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia. He began teaching at UVic in 1974.

Over the course of his career Dr. Wilson researched and wrote on a variety of topics, including political psychology, BC electoral patterns, the BC Legislature, media coverage of elections, the politics of hydro-electric development, BC forest policy, the politics of wilderness preservation in BC, and the Canadian environmental movement. Information on major publications is available in the research section of the webpage.

He recently started a new research project focused on transnational migratory bird policy. This project will explore the evolution and impact of transnational arrangements such as the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network and the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. See the research section for more details.

Dr. Wilson taught courses in a number of different areas, including Canadian politics and government, public policy, public opinion and voting behaviour, empirical research methods, and global environmental policy and politics.

He lives in Victoria with his partner Georgie, an English and Theatre teacher. In their spare time they kayak, bike and hike, watch birds, travel, and try to take in as many plays and as much live music as possible.


  • British Columbia politics and government
  • BC environmental and natural resources policy
  • Canadian public policy
  • Global environmental issues (climate change, biodiversity loss)
  • Migratory bird policy


Forest Policy

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Migratory Bird Policy

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Reducing Our Ecological Footprint

  • Jeremy Wilson, 'Reducing Environmentally Damaging Consumption'.