MA program requirements

The Interdisciplinary Program in Cultural, Social and Political Thought (CSPT) gives students in the Humanities and Social Sciences the opportunity to grapple with the big thinkers and big issues of our time in a context that puts aside disciplinary boundaries, encourages intellectual exploration and critique which ultimately puts everyone's dogmas at issue.

Requirements Units
POLI 509 1.5
POLI Field Seminar: 507, 508, 516, or 540 1.5
Other POLI Graduate Seminar 1.5
CSPT Graduate Seminars: CSPT 500, 501, 590 3.0
Thesis Proposal Complete
Thesis: POLI 599 9.0
Total Units 16.5

CSPT Master's students must complete 7.5 units of course work. Students must complete POLI 509 (1.5 units), a field seminar drawn from the following list: POLI 507, 508, 516, 540 (1.5 units); one additional graduate seminar in Political Science (1.5 units); and two CSPT graduate seminars (3.0 units).

Students must also complete an MA Thesis worth 9 units. The topic must be within the field of CSPT. At least two members of the examining committee must be drawn from the faculty members affiliated with the CSPT Program.

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