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Colin Bennett comments on voter privacy

CBC News has published an article addressing how domestic violence survivors find it challenging to protect themselves against abusers during the voting season when candidates and volunteers have access to voter information. Colin Bennett emphasizes the risks to voters' privacy when parties and volunteers are given access to voter lists as a part of campaign efforts.

Will Greaves comments on CSIS report on climate and security

CSIS warns climate change threatens Canadian security, prosperity A report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service reveals how the climate crisis is posing a significant threat to Canada's national security and prosperity. Will Greaves comments on the report's findings. (Globe and Mail - subscription required)

Will Greaves comments on climate change divisiveness in politics

Activists Say They Drilled Holes in CGL Pipeline, Sabotaged Materials (The Tyee) The Tyee reports on Coastal GasLink pipeline sabotage allegations and updates on the investigation. Will Greaves discusses how climate change is creating a more divisive political environment and leading to more disruptive and potentially more violent protest culture across the political spectrum.

Oliver Schmidtke comments on Christine Anderson's political views

Poilievre condemns 'vile' views of German politician seen lunching with Conservative MPs (CBC Ottawa) Conservative Party leader, Pierre Poilievre, has issued a statement regretting the recent meeting between the party's MPs and controversial German politician, Christine Anderson. Oliver Schmidtke comments on Anderson's political views. This article also appeared in Yahoo! News Canada and MSN.

Summer timetable now online. Registration starts Mar 13

The academic timetable for Summer 2023 is now available. Students will be notified of their registration time on March 2 and can see their timed ticket information in the Registration Status page of Student Services. Timed ticked registration runs from Monday, March 13 to Thursday, March 16. Timed tickets are not required as of Friday, March 17. Questions about Summer courses or your undergraduate degree program? Contact an undergraduate advisor in Political Science.

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