Getting involved

You could be the change

Today, UVic is one of the top research universities in Canada. We are evolving in a time of academic, social and scientific innovation. There are over 20,000 graduates in the fields of social sciences.

As members of our educational family, there are many ways you can rekindle those ties and help UVic continue to grow and succeed now and in the future:

  • Participate on an alumni council in your department
  • Offer professional development skills to students
  • Provide mentorship
  • Communicate through social networking
  • Create co-op opportunities in your business
  • Volunteer as a guest speaker
  • Be an ambassador for the faculty and your department
  • Support funding of scholarships and lecture series
  • Send an e-mail to the alumni inbox

Find out what's happening for Alumni Week and how you can get involved.

Political Science Alumni Network

Join the Political Science Alumni Network to connect with your peers and make a difference for current Political Science students! This network was formed in 2017 and aims to engage UVic graduates, students and the community at large. Open to all political science alumni as well as those interested in current political issues.

Email to get connected with the Political Science Alumni Network.

Keep in Touch

We are always interested in hearing from our alumni and learning about their chosen careers. Email to give us your new contact information and any news or announcements that you’d like to share with us.

Find out what's happening for Alumni Week and how you can get involved.