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Discover your edge in political science

Political science at UVic offers a range of options that let you study what you're most passionate about, like Cate White, an honours student studying alternative political and legal theories.

Undergraduate studies
Co-op student's work makes a difference

A vibrant community of graduate students

Graduate students like Mehdi Hashemi are examining the critical issues having an impact on the world everyday.

Graduate studies
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Study what you're passionate about

Professors like Dr. Matt James teach courses that address topics including Indigenous politics, minority rights and identity, migration and refugee movements, human security and international law.

Our programs
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Complement your studies with co-op

Alternate your academic studies with paid, relevant experience like working at the BC Legislature.

Co-operative education
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Power of social movements

Social movements and youth politics have an impact. Our research looks at these topics through different lenses: mass media, multiculturalism, indigenous nationalisms and gender.

Our research

Political science: critical thinking in action

Political science is the study of power, authority and governance in human affairs. Together, our students and faculty examine the social, economic, cultural, historical, geographical and other forces that generate conflicts in and between societies.

The beauty of a political science degree is that it really gives you the ability to think critically and to look at a problem or an event through different lenses in order to get a better picture of what’s going on.
—Jenny Bunning, BA '11
  • Do you want to understand how decisions are made at different levels of government?
  • Are you curious about how social justice issues affect you and the world?
  • Are you looking to immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment that's fuelled by research-inspired insights and personal, hands-on experiences?

Join us and learn how to evaluate different points of view and think critically about the world around you.

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