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Indigenous students

We offer support to Indigenous students throughout their university experience, from their first contact with UVic through graduation and beyond.

Student supports

UVic is committed to the well-being of Indigenous students. We offer a diverse and welcoming network of support systems.

We encourage you to self-identify during the admissions process so we can send you relevant information. This voluntary declaration will not be used for admission decisions. Documentation of Indigenous ancestry is not required.

We offer Indigenous students a variety of culturally relevant services, including:


If you're a sponsored Indigenous student, you should connect with UVic's Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement. The office will liaise with your sponsor and advocate on your behalf for funding.

Visit Student Awards and Financial Aid for information on costs (tuition, fees and living expenses), loans, bursaries and scholarships.

Check our listing of external student awards for Indigenous students.

Indigenous Studies program

Several social sciences courses are included in the Faculty of Humanities, Bachelor of Arts Indigenous Studies program. This program incorporates Indigenous world-views and ways of knowing. Indigenous and non-Indigenous students can enroll in the program.

This is a general program leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students can also get a minor in this program. To do so, they must complete the requirements for the general program combined with a major or honours program in another department or faculty.

The core program will prepare any student to enter a career that serves Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. It will further prepare Indigenous students enrolled in professional programs at UVic who are planning to serve in Indigenous communities.

Visit the academic calendar for program details.

Indigenous courses

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers several courses related to Indigenous learning:


  • ANTH 305 Anthropology of the Arts
  • ANTH 336 Contemporary Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
  • ANTH 340 Archaeology of British Columbia
  • ANTH 348 People of New Territories
  • ANTH 373 Museums and Anthropology
  • ANTH 443 Coast Salish Culture and Contemporary Life
  • ANTH 449 Archaeology of the Northwest Coast
  • ANTH 585 Advanced Research in Seminar Space, Place, Knowledge And Power
  • ANTH 685 Advanced Research in Seminar Space, Place, Knowledge And Power


  • GEOG 353 Coastal and Marine Management
  • GEOG 453 Field Studies in Coastal and Marine Resources

Political Science

  • POLI 363 Aboriginal Politics and Self Government

Visit the academic calendar for more Indigenous courses.