Ishana Shukla

Ishana Shukla
MSc student (Chris Darimont)
Wildlife biology; conservation; predator-prey dynamics; human disturbance
Office: DTB B109

BSc (UC Santa Cruz)


  • Shukla, I., Kilpatrick, A. M., & Beltran, R. S. (2021). Variation in resting strategies across trophic levels and habitats in mammals. Ecology and Evolution.


  • The Wildlife Society (TWS) 27th Annual Conference. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Drivers of Sleeping Strategies in Mammals. 2020
  • UCSC Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium. Eternal Landscapes of Fear: Increasing Temporal Overlap Between Predators and Prey. 2021
  • UCSC Environmental Studies Research Symposium. Habitat Usage of the Invasive Genus, Rattus. 2020


  • $7,000              UVic Department of Geography Entrance Award
  • $6,000              UC Field Science Fellowship 
  • $582                 Norris Center Natural History Student Award
  • $500                 Chancellor’s Award, UCSC
  • $100                 Dean’s Undergraduate Award, UCSC 
  • $100                 Don Rothman Writing Award