Lauren Man

Lauren Man
MSc Student (Maycira Costa)
remote sensing, kelp forests, satellites, GIS, marine ecology
Office: DTB B126



  • Kong AY*, Man L*, Suan KA*, Blumstein DT. Blue‐tailed skinks have predation‐dependent threat discrimination. Ethology. 2022 Aug;128(8):591-601. (All authors with a * contributed equally to this manuscript). DOI: 10.1111/eth.13318
  • Ely T, Barber PH, Man L, Gold Z (2021) Short-lived detection of an introduced vertebrate eDNA signal in a nearshore rocky reef environment. PLoS ONE 16(6): e0245314.
  • Kong AY*, Man L *, Suan KA*. Blue-tailed skink threat discrimination is risk dependent. (2022, May). Poster presented at 2022 UCLA Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Research Symposium. (All presenters with a * contributed equally to this presentation)
  • Man L, Palacios Mejia MP, Wayne, R. Using eDNA to Characterize Marine Community Composition Across Spatial and Environmental Gradients in Southern California Kelp Forests. (2022, May). Talk presented virtually at 2022 UCLA Undergraduate Research Week.
  • Man L., Palacios Mejia M., Wayne R. Using eDNA to characterize kelp forest community variation by depth. (2021, August). Talk presented virtually at UC Conservation Genomics Consortium’s CALeDNA  Symposium.
  • Man L. Sense of Place and Conservation in Hong Kong. (2021, July). Talk presented at Canto Cutie Volume III Launch conference
  • Man L, Gold Z, Cavanaugh K, Cavanaugh K, Barber P. (2021, May). Using eDNA to understand how fish communities respond to changes in sea-surface temperature and kelp biomass. Poster presented virtually at UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology’s Twenty-Fourth Annual Biology Research Symposium
  • Man L, Gold Z, Barber P. (2020, October). Spatial and Temporal Variation of eDNA in kelp forests and rocky reef ecosystems. Talk presented virtually at the UC Conservation Genomics Consortium’s CALeDNA meeting
  • 2022/23 University of Victoria Graduate Award
  • 2022 California College Media Association Best Feature Photograph - Second Place
  • 2021/22 Holmes O Miller Endowment Fund Award
  • 2021 Undergraduate Marine Biology Award.