Find your edge in UVic's Department of Economics.

Economics at UVic: the degree of choice

  • Do you want insight into the effects of the choices we make in our everyday life and the best way of achieving social objectives?
  • Are you passionate about important policy issues like climate change, globalization, immigration and healthcare?
  • Do you want to gain the skills necessary to advise top business and policy leaders?

Join our program to learn about the world around you and make an impact in whatever you want to do!

Why economics at UVic?

Our diverse group of active students and faculty will help you gain the skills you’ll need to understand how we make decisions about important issues that have a vital impact on the world.

Economics professors bring theory to life and offer hands-on learning opportunities using case studies and data—exploring the stories behind the numbers by diving deeply into local and international topics such as:

  • poverty and economic development
  • climate change and environmental policies
  • competition and regulatory policies
  • housing
  • financial markets and crises
  • agriculture and resource development
  • health care
  • education
  • labour markets
  • immigration

We offer general interest courses for students in other disciplines and our own BA/BSc programs that provide a strong foundation in economics and its applications across a wide range of social and economic issues.

Students can pursue a business or finance focus as part of their major, or the more specialized double major in financial math and economics. The honours programs provide opportunities for top students to do work closely with faculty on independent research projects.

Paid, hands-on learning opportunities are available to all students through UVic's popular co-op program.

See our program overview for more information. Look for answers to frequently asked questions and see what we can offer you.