Co-op for undergraduate students in economics

The Co-op option is available to full time students enrolled, or intending to enrol, in either the Honours or Major BA or BSc streams. To be considered for admission to the program, students require a GPA of 4.5 overall as well as a minimum GPA of 4.5 in ECON 103, 104, 225 and 245, with a grade of not less than a B- (4.0) in any one of these courses. A grade of not less than B- (4.0) is required in CSC 105. Admission is based on GPA.

Application is normally made in the Fall or Spring term of the student's second year of undergraduate study. Application forms can be obtained from the Social Sciences co-op office. For more information on application requirements and how to apply read How co-op works.

Undergraduate students who successfully complete three work terms graduate with a co-op designation.

Further information on the Undergraduate Co-op program is available in the University of Victoria Calendar