Course pre-requisite waivers

Course pre-requisites are designed to ensure that all students registered in a course have the appropriate preparation to succeed. As a consequence, pre-requisites are rarely waived unless a student has the equivalent background. If you believe that you have taken a course, or combination of courses, which provides you with a background that matches that of the listed pre-requisites, you may request a pre-requisite waiver.

To do so, download this form Tri-faculty Request for Pre-requisite Waiver Form ( and

  1. Carefully read all instructions on Page 2
  2. Complete Part A;
  3. Email an electronic copy of the form and relevant supporting documents to Use "Pre-requisite waiver request – ANTH XXX” (XXX = course number) as the email subject line. 


  • Please do not print the form, or submit a paper copy. Your request will be considered by the undergraduate advising team and you should receive a response by email shortly.
  • If you have been in contact with the instructor and have received their permission, please include that email.
  • If your pre‐requisite waiver request is granted, it is your responsibility to get caught up on missing pre-requisite content on your own. You may not appeal a grade, defer completion or drop the course after the deadline, based on the fact that you did not have the pre‐requisites. Any of these scenarios will require demonstration that your inability to finish the course is due to something other than not being adequately prepared.

To view Anthropology course requirements see the UVic calendar