Honours program

The honours program offers an opportunity to undertake, in the third and fourth years, a concentrated program designed especially for an individual students interests in anthropology.

The program centers upon Anthropology 499, a course entailing the completion of a supervised research project on a topic selected by the student (the honours essay) and attendance in the honours seminar. By undertaking the honours program, students receive training and qualifications superior to those in the regular anthropology degree program.

The conceptualization and completion of the honours essay, with associated fieldwork, data collection and interpretation, coursework, seminars, etc. is invaluable experience for those planning to apply to graduate school.

Why take an honours program?

Students planning a professional career should consider the department’s honours program. Entry into most graduate programs in anthropology and other social sciences is facilitated by completion of the honours program.  The program also provides some advantages in obtaining private and public sector employment.

The honours program is not only intended for prospective graduate students, but also to provide an intellectually satisfying program for those undergraduates with demonstrated intellectual curiosity and qualifications in anthropology.

Deadline: May 15

Application for Honours BA or Application for Honours BSc

Honours Adviser

Dr. Lisa Mitchell:

To participate in our Honours program, you are required to consult with the

For the most up-to-date Honours program requirements please see the UVic Calendar 2019-20.

For all Anthropology courses please see UVic calendar 2019-20.


Honours prior to May 2016

Criteria for the honours program prior to May 2016

The minimum criteria for entrance into honours is a combined GPA of 6.5 in ANTH 200240 and 250.

Honours students must maintain certain minimum GPA criteria (see the guidelines in the UVic calendar) and, in addition to completing the requirements for a Major in Anthropology, they must complete the following coursework (7.5 units):

  • ANTH 316
  • ANTH 317 or 318 or another approved course in techniques of data analysis
  • ANTH 400A or 400B
  • ANTH 499
  • An additional 1.5 unit upper level ANTH course.

Honours essays are archived electronically in the University of Victoria Library. Find the essays here.

Congratulations to the following honours students whose papers were also published.

Meaghan Efford (Honours student 2015-2016)

The Implications of Thermogenic Modification for Anthropological Recovery of Burned Bone

Journal: The Arbutus Review


Nicholas Christopher Cole Healey (Honours student 2014-2015)

Controlling Celtic Pasts: the production of nationalism in popular British archaeology of Celtic peoples

Journal:  Nexus: The Canadian Student Journal f Anthropology