Directed studies

Directed Studies courses can be taken in any term and are normally open only to Major students in Anthropology. The supervisor and the student will need to fill out the pro-forma form and return it to the Anthropology student secretary in Cornett B228.

Before you enrol in a Directed Studies course, you should have exhausted the possibilities of regular course offerings within the general area of the proposed Directed Studies.

GPA requirement

Students taking Directed Studies should have a minimum GPA in upper level Anthropology courses of 6.5 and a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 5.5.

Anthropology undergraduate advising


  • Do you want to know the course requirements for Majors, Minors or Honours? 
  • Do you want to know if a course can be transferred to our department?
  • Do you already have credit for a course and want to know your options if you take it again under another theme?
  • Having problems registering yourself in an ANTH course?
  • Interested in directed studies?

Anthropology Department's Advisers

Visit or email one of your advisers.

Please note: The University reserves the right to limit enrolment and to limit the registration in, or to cancel or revise, any of the courses listed. The university reserves the right to cancel courses if enrollment is not sufficient. Preliminary lists of instructors and courses are subject to change. The curricula may also be changed, as deemed advisable by the Senate of the University. General information about the calendar includes: academic sessions, calendar changes, course values and hours, course experience survey, limit of the University's responsibility, program planning, privacy and access to information, notification of disclosure of personal information to statistics Canada, schedule of classes and the University's right to limit enrollment.

You'll find information on our programs and opportunities in the Undergraduate Studies in Anthropology Handbook

Your Undergraduate Studies in Anthropology Handbook introduces many of the possibilities in the department.