Auditing Anthropology Courses

Auditing a course is a great way to learn something new and participate in class, without having to do the assignments (the degree of an auditor’s participation is at the discretion of the department and course instructor).

Community members are allowed to audit up to 3.0 units of undergraduate courses in a session (typically two 1.5 unit courses). Auditors are welcome as long as there is space and the instructor gives their permission.

General information on auditing courses, deadlines, fees etc can be found in the Academic Calendar.

How to enroll

  1. Check out our courses and choose one or more you'd like to audit.
  2. Complete the Undergraduate auditor class entry form, sign and email it to
  3. Once our office receives your form (and gets it approved by the instructor) we send it on to the Office of the Registrar (OREG).
  4. Once OREG processes your form they will take care of the registration. Please note:
    • Auditors are only formally registered into their course once the add deadline for degree seeking students to register has passed (September 25 or January 22)
    • You are encouraged to attend classes prior to that date, as long as your instructor grants you access to their course materials
    • You will receive an email once your registration has been completed, and that will be your cue to pay your fees. 
    • If you don’t have a student number (V0-------) and/or Netlink ID then OREG will create one for you and they will be in touch.
      • Having a student numner and Netlink ID is the only way you can be enrolled into Brightspaces (Uused for class communication, announcements, course material, assignments, learning activities etc).
      • Once you have your student number and Netlink ID please email both to the class instructor so they can add you to the course’s Brighspace page.
      • If you have any problems setting this up, please contact the Computer Help Desk at or 250-721-7687.  

Fees for auditors: see the latest Academic Calendar

Questions? Email the Undergraduate & Graduate Program Assistant at