PlatForum - Graduate journal

PlatForum is a peer reviewed journal published by the graduate students in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Victoria.

Committed to upholding a tradition of holistic anthropology, PlatForum welcomes a diverse range of topics and issues from all four sub-disciplines:

  • Archaeology
  • Social-cultural
  • Biological-physical
  • Linguistic

Recognizing the benefits of both interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary contributions made by students outside the field of anthropology, we continue to extend our call to all students at the University of Victoria, including upper-level undergraduate students, and to all graduate students from community colleges and universities across Canada.

PlatForum is a peer-reviewed journal published by the graduate students of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Victoria (UVic).

Our journal is the longest running student organized Anthropology publication in Canada, originally published in 1998 as Cultural Reflections (Vol. 1), and we strive to continue to provide an accessible and open platform for graduate students to contribute to. In celebrating the diversity and richness of anthropological inquiry, we welcome submissions from a range of topics and issues from all sub-disciplines or thematic focuses.

The editorial board of the UVic Anthropology graduate student journal, PlatForum, now invites submissions for its 18th volume from all graduate students who reside within a Canadian Department of Anthropology and/or Archaeology. Please contact us about eligibility if you fall outside these categories.

Please visit the PlatForum website for the latest information on our call for papers, submission guidelines and requirements, and the logistics of publishing in our journal.

Our 2020 PlatForum theme is 'Human Connections':
At the heart of anthropological inquiry is a fascination with human connections that transcend time, space, and realms of being. The connections we make with various people, objects, places, and other living and non-living beings critically shape our view and understanding of the world, as well as inform our sense of identity, purpose, and belonging within it. Meaningful relations that form the foundation of our personal and cultural worldviews are often ruptured due to others’ inability to understand and accept these differences in human connection. Anthropological inquiry has shown that human difference is natural and that there is no one way to connect to these various entities, yet those outside of our academic discipline do not always see it this way. How, then, can anthropology help to illuminate and work to preserve or protect vast arrays of human connections? The editors encourage submissions that exhibit an applied approach. How is anthropological knowledge being shared beyond academia and implemented into actual practice to transform everyday lives, challenge dominant narratives, and broaden perspectives in the public sphere?


The PlatForum Editorial Team

Please be advised: The submission of a work does not automatically result in its acceptance for publication, as this depends on the number of submissions received, the quality of work received, as well as the extent to which individual submissions reflect the themes of the journal (i.e., the anthropology subdisciplines mentioned above). The final decision on the publication of a given submission remains with the PlatForum editorial board.

Sending submissions

Please send submissions to PlatForum:

  • Due to Covid-19 caused campus closure, we are only accepting email submissions at this time
  • send your email attachment to

Our review process

Each submission is reviewed by two people on the Plat-Forum editorial board.

Submission categories

  • Interviews - persons of anthropological interest
  • Scholarly reviews - books, movies, conferences or speakers
  • Papers/Articles – (maximum 20 pages including references and notes)
  • Field notes - experiences, short essays, or journal entries from field-work
  • Photo essays - pertaining to anthropological themes of PlatForum journal (minimum resolution of 3mbs)
  • Other creative projects, such as drawings, poetry, conference posters, etc. If you have an idea, please email to discuss possible options. 
  • As we also publish our journal online, we would like to welcome all manner of digital submissions, including soundscapes, small film projects (with necessary permissions from all parties involved), graphics, etc. for the online version!