Carbon footprint

avocado toast

Committed to the goals set out in UVic's Climate and Sustainability Action Plan (2030), University Food Services is aligning our menu strategies to reduce food related green house gas emissions and benefit the health of our environment and campus community.

We are an institutional partner of the Forward Food movement and have a close working relationship with the Greener by Default Initiative at UVic and the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability

Menu Actions Taken to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

  • Prioritizing plant based proteins (green tier) listing these options first on all menus 

  • Reducing/replacing beef, pork, poultry, dairy (yellow/red tier) in menus by 50%

  • Elimination of all lamb products from our menus (highest carbon footprint protein)

  • Elimination of beef chili-now serving only vegan chili at all outlets 

  • Introduction of the 50/50 Burger across campus (half plant protein, half beef)

  • Vegan cheese used as the default cheese option (must opt in for dairy cheese)

  • Whole wheat bread made as the default bread option

  • Introduction of vegan mayo as the default spread (regular mayonnaise eliminated)

  • Greens kiosk at The Cove dedicated soley to vegetarian/vegan options