Faculty/staff permits

All parking lots are considered general parking and open to faculty, staff, students and visitors unless otherwise marked.

General Parking  - This category is open to faculty, staff, students and visitors.   All lots, unless marked reserved or regulated by a parking meter.

Reserved Parking - This category is open only to full-time staff/faculty members and commercial visitors who have purchased reserved permits.

Motorcycle and Licensed Scooter - Operators are required to purchase parking permits and park in the designated motorcycle parking areas found in most lots.

Rideshare  - These parking spaces are reserved for holders of Rideshare permits arriving at the parking space with three or more people in the vehicle until 10:00 a.m.  Monday to Friday.   After that time , the stall is open to regular General Parking.

Carpool - Parking spaces are available for carpool permit holders - please stop by Campus Security for availability and pricing.

Please note: Employee renewals of Annual Parking permits can be done starting in mid-July.  Those choosing to pay via Payroll deduction, must have renewed by August 31st.