Getting to campus

Ring Road
There are various ways to get to campus, including walking, cycling, driving and public transit.

As the University of Victoria is a destination point for upwards of 20,000 individuals on any given day, there are a multitude of options available to get you to the campus. Walking is a popular choice for those living a short distance from the campus.     

With subsidized bus passes for qualifying employees and a subsidized bus pass for all students, UVic has the second most active transit hub in Greater Victoria. There are eight different transit routes that access the University.

Victoria is well known for its extensive cycling routes and wonderful scenery. A number of cycling routes access the university. Bike racks are located adjacent to every building on the campus and a small U-fixit area has been provided beside the north doors of the Parkade at the UVic Centre.

If you are driving to the university there are 16 parking lots located on campus, with more than 4000 parking stalls. Centrally located lots experience the highest occupancy, however there are always parking stalls available at the outer lots.