Winter Specialist Instructor Posting

Please note that the information provided below is subject to operational constraints brought about as a result of the evolving COVID-19 situation and may change at any time.

September 2022 – January 2023

Competition details, including a summary of duties and responsibilities, required education/experience, total hours and hourly rate are available (PDF) in a linked document.

Applicants must complete and submit this form by the application deadline: 4 July, 2022 (16:00).

Specialist Instructors (SIs) support teaching in SEOS, typically in a lab environment. They are often referred to as Teaching Assistants (TAs). Marking positions are also available.

Most classroom positions are likely to be for 98 hours in 2022-2023 but some time available (required) for some courses is enrollment dependent. Marking positions are always enrollment dependent.

Fall Positions (Type; estimated number of SIs)

Spring Positions (Type; estimated number)

See the linked document (above) for details about this competition.

Please notify the office immediately should your contact information change or if you will be unable to accept a position any time after your application has been submitted.

Please note that hours for most marker positions are enrollment dependant and certain positions may not be offered if a threshhold is not met.  To ensure your application receives full consideration, please be sure to indicate every course which you are qualified (and willing) to instruct.