CHEM 560

Python programming for data visualization and analysis

Instructor: Dennis Hore

Content: This will be a self-contained hands-on introduction to writing scripts using the python programming language.  Immediate applications include parsing data for subsequent analysis (either in python, or using your lab’s proprietary software).  After the basics are presented, the majority of the topics will be focused on developing tools for data analysis (numerical integration, curve fitting, interpolation, etc) and visualization (scriptable graphics for data exploration, publication-quality plots).The content will cater to experimentalists who collect data. No previous experience required. See the webpage for more details.

Delivery: Eight 1-hour lectures. Start date and scheduling will be determined by consultation with students who have signed up for this module.

Assessment: Eight problem sets (one per week). This is designed to be hands-on, so the exercises will be the most valuable part.