CHEM 560

Modern Making Methods

Instructors: Scott McIndoe 

The course works as follows: you will take a mix of 3 compulsory (two on 3D design, one intro to programmable electronics) and 2 optional workshops offered by UVic’s Digital Scholarship Commons. There are a lot of choices; not just makerspace tools but data visualization and research/writing/communication tools as well, see for details. You will have to justify to me your optional workshop choices in terms of how they will help you with your particular project.

 I will also teach some live classes and will have individual meetings with students to help plan your project. The course is designed to help people build skills in 3D design, prototyping, and 3D visualization. The principal program that I will be getting you up to speed with is Fusion360 – I use it to make 2D designs for laser cutting (e.g., 3D designs for 3D printing (e.g., and for rendering high quality images (e.g.  

 Assessment will be based on the project you complete and its documentation (50%) and your presentation of it to your classmates (50%). Access will be provided to chemistry’s maker facilities (3D printers and laser cutter) if needed. Anyone interested in taking the module not-for-credit also welcome. Workshops may be taken at any time in advance of the module