Azad Eshghi

Azad Eshghi
Research Scientist

PhD in Biochemistry and Microbiology (2012)

Azad develops assays for protein quantification in complex biological samples. An example is quantification of 250+ proteins in a finger prick volume of blood that has been dried on a filter paper. These dried blood spots have significant advantages over traditional venous blood sampling, including self-sampling (finger prick) and mailing in samples for analytical testing, which would eliminate the need for physically visiting a hospital. His team uses specialized analytical methodologies to do this termed ultra-high performance liquid chromatography multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry.

A PhD degree from the department of Biochemistry and Microbiology equipped me with world class training and provided me a competitive advantage to conduct cutting edge research at world renowned research institutions such as the Institute Pasteur (Paris) and the University of Toronto.

Subsequent education: Post doctorate (Institute Pasteur Paris, 2012-2015), Post doctorate (U of T, 2015-2017)