Kate Bourne

Kate Bourne
Student researcher
University of Calgary

BSc in Microbiology (2018)

Kate is a graduate student in the Autonomic Investigation and Management Lab at the University of Calgary. The focus of her research is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). Individuals with POTS often face misdiagnosis and suboptimal treatment strategies due to lack of recognition and understanding of this disorder.

Having this opportunity to contribute to the field and increase knowledge of POTS would not be possible without my undergraduate education at UVic. The foundational science education and advanced laboratory techniques and training I gained through my undergraduate degree at UVic have been invaluable as I begin my graduate training in cardiac science. I have used my critical analysis and reasoning skills to design and obtain approval for my clinical research based thesis project.

Subsequent education: MSc Cardiovascular and Respiratory Science (UCalgary, started in 2018)