Commercialization & licensing

The Research Partnerships team is passionate about bringing innovative technologies to market to provide society and industry with solutions to complex problems. The road to commercialization and licensing can be daunting, but our office is here to make the process as seamless as possible.

Steps to commercialization

Steps to commercialization include discovery reseaerch, applied research, market research, product development, startup creation, startup growth, and venture investment and scale.

Technology transfer & process 

We’ll create a targeted marketing campaign to engage industry members who would have an interest in your technology. When a business has expressed interest in gaining exclusive or non-exclusive use of the technology, our Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs) will negotiate licensing agreements and royalties will be collected. The inventors will receive their share of royalties based upon UVic’s intellectual property policy.

The technology transfer process: Research and discovery, disclosure, assessment, IP protection, marketing, agreement negotiation, and royalties.


As your commercialization process progresses, you may choose start a company of your own to further develop and promote your technology. We can guide you through the commercialization process and offer continued IP advice for your start-up. In addition, our ILOs will help you apply for grants that are most suitable to your technology’s stage of development.

In addition to the expert advice from our office, the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre can guide you through the exploration, incubation and acceleration phases of your start-up. They’ll also give you access to Plan it/Pitch it competitions, mentorship and more!

Connect with an Industry Liaison Officer (ILO)