Creativity and culture

Colton Has with his orca sculpture
UVic alumnus and ONC Artist-in-Residence Colton Hash created an interactive sculptural installation of an adult female orca. The installation includes projected visualizations of climate data and underwater recordings of shipping traffic, which communicates concepts related to ecosystems and climate change.

Celebrating our differences

Culture and the creative arts help us make sense of our world and ourselves. As we become increasingly aware of our cultural diversity on a regional, national and global scale, we turn to the creative arts for emotionally rich answers to the most compelling questions confronting us individually and as a society.

UVic’s well-developed strengths in Indigenous studies, religious diversity, global engagement, questions of nationhood and equality, and linguistic diversity make this a natural place for exploring and celebrating cultural differences and interactions.

UVic hosts BC’s only stand-alone fine arts faculty, home to nationally and internationally recognized creative practitioners. With one of the most comprehensive applied theatre programs in North America, UVic attracts students from around the world who use performance art to spark social change—from providing hope to tsunami survivors in India and refugee camps in Africa to fostering Indigenous language revitalization in British Columbia.

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