Chris Lalonde

Chris Lalonde

Joined CFYS in 2007

Area of expertise

social-cognitive development; Indigenous health; Indigenous epistemologies and post-secondary education; identity development

In Memoriam: Dr. Chris Lalonde

Dr. Christopher (Chris) Lalonde passed away on May 8th, 2023, at the age of 63. Dr. Lalonde joined the Centre as a Research Fellow in 2007. Dr. Lalonde’s research centered around social-cognitive development, Indigenous health, Indigenous epistemologies and post-secondary education and identity development. He had a passion for youth empowerment, and was a strong supporter of the Centre’s mission to promote the well-being of youth through community-engaged research.

Dr. Lalonde was the co-creator of the LE,NOṈET Project that aimed to enhance the success of Indigenous undergraduate students at the university. Dr. Lalonde also collaborated on the CFYS project, Stronger Together, that explored how the identities of Indigenous youth were connected to their family, community, and education. He was particularly involved in the Canoe Journey aspect of the project, where he assisted young Indigenous men on a traditional canoe journey with the intention of strengthening their connection to their cultural roots and, by extension, their own identities.

Dr. Lalonde was widely recognized for his teaching and research efforts, and was the 2023 recipient of the University of Victoria’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

We are grateful for Dr. Lalonde’s strong contribution to the Centre, and will continue to honour his passion for youth empowerment through the work that we do.

Celebration of Life Event

A Celebration of Life for Dr. Lalonde was held on Thursday, June 1st from 2:00pm-5:00pm at the University Club (main dinning room).

The Chris Lalonde Indigenous Wellbeing Award

The University of Victoria has created the Chris Lalonde Indigenous Wellbeing Award in the name of Dr. Lalonde and his incredible research contributions in promoting the success and well-being of Indigenous youth. The Chris Lalonde Indigenous Wellbeing Award will be used to Indigenous undergraduate students in the Faculty of Social Sciences, with preference for students majoring in Psychology.