Student affiliates

CFYS Research Assistants at Ideafest, where they presented key findings from Community Research Exchange products.
CFYS Research Assistants at Ideafest, where they presented key findings from Community Research Exchange products.
Name Program of Study Research Interests
Taiwo Afolabi Theatre, PhD My research focuses on working with displaced population, especially youths in Victoria and Nigeria
Larissa Alabe Padua Educational Psychology, MEd
Special Education
Literacy acquisition and development of children receiving instruction in their second language (L2); Educational supports that must be in place for children with special needs in care in B.C.
Ian Alexander Curriculum and Instruction, MA Educational Studies Support for and adaptation of international youth to education in Canada
Keenan Andrew Child and Youth Care, MA Re-weaving legacies of gender-based violence with Indigenous young men
Stephanie Arlt Social Dimensions of Health, MSc Street-involved youth, drug use, harm reduction, social justice, and homeless youth policy in Canada
Katy Bigsby Educational Psychology and Leadership, Master's in Community Engagement and Adult Education Non-formal learning, children and youth with challenging behavior, social-emotional learning
Leila Boloori Curriculum and Instruction, MEd Curriculum in elementary schools, child psychology, children and youth teaching, critical thinking, international education, English language art education, language literacy teaching and children's literature
Holly Brinkman Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, MEd
Special Education/Inclusion
Using applied drama to increase teacher self-efficacy and decrease student victimization in inclusive classrooms.
Alexis Brown Educational Pyschology and Leadership Studies, PhD Critical Literacies with Indigenous Youth
Anna Chadwick Child and Youth Care, MA My primary topic focuses on sexualized violence and gender-based violence against girls and youth in Indigenous communities. My research is arts-based and encompasses frameworks decolonization by incorporating values of land and body sovereignty in Indigenous communities. The research is part of the project, Sisters Rising, supervised by Dr. Sandrina de Finney.
Sandra Chamberlain-Snider Theatre History, PhD Theatre History, children and youth in theatre and performance training, Canadian studies
Fanie Collardeau Psychology, PhD
Clinical Psychology
Intimate partner violence, romantic attachment and emotion-regulation, especially the regulation of shame
Parker Croshaw Child and Youth Care, MA Sexual Behaviour problems in youth, counselling, ethics, psychotherapy, forensic psychology
Bianca DeSilva

Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education, MSc


Childhood obesity prevention, family-based programs, physical activity and literacy, sport, healthy eating, positive mental health, screen time.
Sharon Dias Geography, PhD Social housing, public housing policy, human rights, social justice, refugees, participation of children and adolescents in policy decisions, Brazil
Rebecca Duerksen Anthropology, MA Youth experiences of chronic illness, youth perceptions of illness disclosure, dominant cultural and social ideas about youthfulness and young bodies (and associated stigma), and possible barries to support-seeking behaviours for youth with chronic illness
Stephanie Field Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education, PhD
Motor development, physical activity, perceptions of competence, recreation
Antwi Frimpong Law, LLM
Public Interest Law
Legal aid clinics to support community-based access to justice in developing countries
Patrick Gale Curriculum and Instruction, MA
Curriculum Studies and Leadership
Student and teacher ecoliteracy development through nature and food immersion, with an Indigenous and place-based focus
Jennifer Gruno Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education, MA Benefits of nature based physical activity; meeting the needs and interests of girls in physical and health education
Carolyn Helps

Psychology, MSc
Clinical Lifespan

Nonsuicidal self-injury, suicidal thoughts and behaviours, community psychology
Georgina Hope Educational Psychology and Leadership, Master's in Leadership, Community Engagement Fostering youth resiliency through storytelling
Luke Kernan Anthropology, PhD Early psychosis among young adults; volunteering in mental health communities; arts-based methodologies, comics, and storytelling
Zahra Khimji Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, MA
Special Education
The role of executive function in adult readers' comprehension of science expository text; effect of Self Regulated Strategy Development reading interventions.
Hyuna Ki Curriculum and Instruction, PhD I am interested in critical literacy in secondary-level school especially how to raise students' critical awareness.
Amie Kim Psychology, MSc
Lifespan Health and Development
Self-regulation and language development in children.
Nicole Legg Psychology, MSc
Predictors and trajectories of risky behaviours (i.e. disordered eating, suicidal ideations, non suicidal self-injury) in adolescents
SiMin Li Political Science, MA Digital humanity, identity of ethnic Chinese and International relations in Asia Pacific
Jemma Llewellyn Theatre, PhD
Applied Theatre
Digital media literacies and youth sexuality, arts-based research through youth theatre and curriculum pedagogies
Shelby Logan Psychology, MA
Social Psychology
Nature and well-being, existential psychology, motivation, positive psychology
Myles Maillet Psychology, PhD Self-regulation, motivation, goals, statistics, research design
Renay Maurice Sociology, MA Analyzing child support enforcement programs in Canada to develop recommendations that will inform policy changes
Brendan Micetich Psychology, Bachelor's Community-based research with a focus on mental health and emotional support
Amy Mills-Guest Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, PhD
Leadership Studies
The impact of servant leadership practices on positive resiliency in elementary school children
Addison Mott Child and Youth Care, MA Environmental psychology, counselling room design, ecopsychology, child and adolescent mental health, wilderness therapy
Laleh Mousavi Educational Administration & Leadership Studies, MA Critical consciousness about social issues, transformation, LGBTQ issues, international students
Emily Nichol Social Dimensions of Health, MA Childhood trauma and addiction, violence/trauma informed approach to care, substance use services for pregnant and parenting women, stigma reduction
Patricia Obee Child and Youth Care, MA Physical environments that afford risky play in early childhood educations settings and the impacts of risky play on physical activity and well-being or children ages 3-4 years old
Drexler Ortiz Psychology, MSc
Clinical Lifespan
Religiosity and religious identity of immigrant youth and families post-migration
Tiffany Patterson Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education, MSc
Childhood and adolescent obesity prevention, physical activity and nutrition literacy
Christina Perkins Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, Master's in Special Education Early intervention, inclusive education, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, and supporting diverse student needs
Jen Poole Education, PhD Special education, teacher education

Kisten Quistberg

Psychology, PhD
Clinical Psychology
Young children’s development of social understanding and self-regulation skills

Christina Robillard

Psychology, MSc
Clinical Psychology
The impact of interpersonal relationships on risky behaviours (e.g., substance use, disordered eating, suicidal behaviours) in adolescents

Brad Rudner

Child and Youth Care, MA Effects of excessive screen time on youth mental health and its mitigation through nature connection

Tom Spence

Psychology, MSc
Mindfulness meditation, quiet ego, wellbeing, optimal functioning

Pauline Song

Psychology, MSc
Clinical Psychology
Childhood trauma and abuse, intrafamilial relations, cultural context and family relationships, intimate partner violence and effects on children, prevention and intervention for childhood trauma and abuse, policy implementation

Meaghan Storey

Curriculum and Instruction, PhD Social and emotional learning in the classroom curriculum, particularly in language arts at middle/secondary levels
Joelle Taknint Psychology, PhD Cultural influences and psychological stressors such as discrimination's effects on identity development
Chelsea Thomas Curriculum and Instruction, PhD
Social, Cultural, and Foundational Studies
Student wellbeing and school climate/composition, connection-based teacher education, trauma-informed teacher education, ACEs, sexuality education, child honouring, emotions and learning and human interdependency
Elizabeth Tuinstra Curriculum and Education, Master's in Music Education Music education, non-Western music education, cultural identity, decolonization, curriculum change, culturally responsive music education
Róisín Unsworth Sociology, PhD Violence, substance use & pathways to resilience among street-involved young women
Hector Vazquez Cordoba Education, PhD
Curriculum and Instruction
Music education/Indigenous perspectives through music education in elementary and secondary school curriculum
Jeremy Wintringer Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, PhD LGBTQ ally training programs offered by post-secondary institutions in the U.S. and Canada
Chris Wright Exercise Science, Phsyical and Health Education, MSc
Early years, elementary school, physical activity, physical literacy, confidence, movement, movement competence