CFYS is excited to engage with a broad range of partners from local, regional, provincial and federal levels of government to non-governmental organizations and private foundations. Much of our research originates in requests from the community on pressing youth-related needs and capacities. We thank all of our partners for engaging in research collaborations with CFYS toward youth well-being.

Community Partners

Community Partners Column Box

CFYS partners with a variety of community and governmental organizations on many levels, including local, regional, provincial, and federal organizations.

Research Partners

Research partners

CFYS partners with various academic and research institutes within B.C. and beyond to conduct research on and promote the welfare of youths. 

Funding Agencies & Partners

CFYS partners with a number of funding agencies in the Greater Victoria Area and beyond. Funding partners provide grants for a variety of projects and causes, all with an emphasis on youth well-being. 

Networks & Community Tables

Community Networks & Tables

CFYS is involved with a variety of networks, community tables, and other committees locally and internationally with an emphasis on youth well-being.