Affiliated faculty

Deborah Curran
Hakai Professor
Environmental Law and Sustainability
Water law; Growth Management and Land Use Law, Food Systems and Agricultural land; Common Ownership of property.
Martin Bunton
Program Committee Chair | Professor
Modern Middle Eastern History; World History; Colonial Land Policies
Michael M'Gonigle
Eco-Research Chair in Environmental Law and Policy
Forestry and Fish resource sectors; Urban Sustainability; Community-based Governance.
Paul Bramadat
Director, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society
History & Religious Studies
Intersections between Secularism; Religious Radicalization; Securitization; Post-colonialism; Religious Identity in Contemporary Canada.
Michael Hayes
Public Health & Social Policy, Geography
Health Inequities and Urban Structure, Social Gradients in Health Outcomes; Disability and Public Policy
Tom Pedersen
Executive Director
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions
Climate Change Issues; Application of Government Policy to Climate-change Mitigation and Adaptation
Alan Pence
UNESCO Chair for Early Childhood Education
School of Child & Youth Care
Cross-cultural and Sociological Perspectives on Children and their Care
Sikata Banerjee
Associate Dean of Humanities, Professor
Humanities, Women's Studies
Indian Politics; Nationalism; Masculinities
Marlea Clarke
Associate Professor
Political Science
African Politics (South and Southern Africa focus); political economy of development; precarious work and labour market restructuring; globalisation and democratisation in Africa; labour and migration (Africa); ‘decent work’ and global clothing production.