Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly


Office: HSD A350

Professional Information & Research Interests


Dr. Brunet-Jailly also holds a Jean Monnet Chair in Innovative Governance. Click here for more information.

Professional Information

Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly joined the School of Public Administration in 2001. He is a political scientist, specializing in comparative border and urban politics and policies. He worked for the French public sector for 10 years, including postings with the French Small Business Administration and the Nord Pas-de-Calais Regional Council. Prior to his appointment at UVic, Emmanuel was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario from 1999-2000, and Assistant Director of the Nanovic Institute for European Studies at the University of Notre Dame from 2000-2001.

At UVic’s School of Public Administration he was Jean Monnet Chair in European Urban and Border Region Policy, and currently, he is Jean Monnet Chair in Innovative Governance. He is the director of Borders In Globalization research program, and Director of the European Union Jean Monnet Center and the Jean Monnet Network research program

Full CV

Expertise & Interests

  • Comparative politics
  • Comparative urban and borders studies, politics and governance

Selected Publications

Since 2001 Dr. Brunet-Jailly has published over 100 articles and book sections, and 12 books.

Journal Articles

  • (52) (R) « Les Disputes Frontalières : Territoriales, Positionnelles et Fonctionnelles », L’Espace Politique, 33/2017-3.
  • (51) (R) Borderland governance – territorial or a-territorial? in North American Comparative Borders, Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera and Victor Konrad (eds) University of Arizona Press (in preparation)
  • (50) (R) Governance – a normative review, Crossborder Cities. Fabienne Leloup. London, UK - Routledge. (in preparation).
  •  (49) (R) Introduction, (with Amy Verdun and Achim Hurrelman) in European Union Governance and Policy Making: A Canadian Perspective in Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, Achim Hurrelmann and Amy Verdun (eds). University of Toronto Press (2018)
  • (48) (R) Regional Policy in European Union Governance and Policy Making: A Canadian Perspective in Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, Achim Hurrelmann and Amy Verdun (eds). University of Toronto Press (2018)
  • (47) (R) Conclusion, (with Amy Verdun and Achim Hurrelman) in European Union Governance and Policy Making: A Canadian Perspective in Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, Achim Hurrelmann and Amy Verdun (eds). University of Toronto Press (2018)
  •  (46) (R) Languages, Nations and States, Borders and Borderlands; a critical assessment (2017) in Tomek Kamusella and Motoki Nomashi Show Your Tongue: Central Europe Through the Lens of Language and Politics. Hokkaido University Press.
  • (45) (R) Provincial Distrust Weights on Vancouver Regional Governance (with Eve Arcand) in Pierre Hamel and Roger Keil Governing Cities Through Regions. (2016) Wilfrid Laurier University Press. (This chapter was then translated and modified to be published in French as Vancouver with Eve Arcand primary author in Gariépy et Lacharite – see below (43)
  • (44) (R) Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games – the mitigated success of Premier Campbell in Jason Lacharite and Tracy Summerville (2016) The Campbell Revolution. McGill University Press (2017 in press)
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  • (40) (R) Participation of the Urban Poor in Vancouver, Canada, in Andrew Sancton and Chen Zhenming (2015) Citizen Participation at the Local Level in Canada and China, Taylor and Francis.
  • (39) (R) General Introduction, and Introduction to Territorial Disputes, Introduction to Positional Disputes, Introduction to Functional Disputes in E. Brunet-Jailly, Encyclopedia of Border Disputes (2015) ABC Clio/Praeger
  • (38) (R) A Review of Cross-Border Cooperation in North America in Iva Miranda and Luis Dominguez (2014) EU Cross Border Cooperation. Routledge. 
  • (37) (R) Contentious politics, grassroots mobilization and the Icesave dispute: Why
  • Iceland did not ‘play nicely’ in Acta Sociologica (Sage) (2014) pp.1-15 equal author with H.K. Hallgrimsdottir.
  • (36) (R) The International Activities of Canadian Cities, in Simon Curtis (2014) The Power of Cities in International Relations. Taylor and Francis. Equal author with Ian Madison.


  • (EB12) European Union Governance and Policy Making: A Canadian Perspective. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, Achim Hurrelmann and Amy Verdun (eds) University of
    Toronto Press, (2018).
  • (EB11) Encyclopaedia of Border Dispute, ABC-Cleo/Praeger press, CA, USA, three volumes, 1136 pages (2015).

Conference presentations, Guest Lectures and Keynotes

Since 2013, Dr. Brunet-Jailly has given over 110 conference papers, invited lectures and keynotes.

Selected Grants & Awards

  • 2016-2021 “Contentious Politics: Austerity and the rise of nationalism in Europe after the financial crisis”. SSRHC Insight Grant, funded at $89,251. Co-investigator. (Principal Investigator Helga Kristin Hallgrimsdottir).
  • 2017-2019 Jean Monnet Network “Comparing and Contrasting EU Migration and Border Policies - Are they Exemplary?": 277,117 Euros ($420,000), Principal Investigator.
  • 2017-2019 Jean Monnet Center of Excellence – the UVIc’s European Union Center of Excellence: 95,560 Euros ($130,000), Principal Investigator.
  • 2017-2019 Jean Monnet Chair in Innovative Governance: 44,550 Euros, ($60,000) Principal Investigator.
  • 2017-2018 SSHRC connection grant – ($20,000) Tara Ney (lead) Co-creating justice: exploring citizen-centred design for public service complaints systems (co-applicant).
  • 2015-2019 – Florence Paulhiac, lead, University of Montreal, “Chair InSITU and SSHRC Transport and Innovation.” $250,000 (Co-investigator: $14,000 for the UVic segment of the program).
  • 2013-2020 “Borders in Globalization.” A SSHRC Partnership Grant funded at $3.7 Million. Includes 21 partner universities (10 Canadian, 11 International). Principal Investigator.
  • 2013-2016 “European Center for Excellence.” A European Jean Monnet Grant, funded at €600,000. Principal Investigator.

Courses Taught

Courses Taught and Supervisions at UVic (since 2001):

  • ADMN 423: Local Government in BC
  • ADMN 445: Urban and Regional Economics
  • ADMN 465: Local Government Policy
  • ADMN 470/478/578: European Union Urban Policies
  • ADMN 470/479/579: European Border Region Policies
  • ADMN 504: Government and Governance
  • ADMN 520: Managing Complex Policy
  • ADMN 523: Special Topics in Public Sector Management
  • ADMN 548: Special Topics in Public Policy
  • ADMN 578: European Union Urban Region Policies
  • ADMN 579: European Union Border Region Policies
  • ADMN 551: Administrative Law and Federalism
  • ADMN 553: Understanding Cities
  • ADMN 602: Research Methods in Public Administration
  • CD 509: Dispute Resolution System Design and Public Interest Disputes
  • DR 525: Managing Organizations, Systems and Community Transformations

Course Taught thanks to the Jean Monnet Chair in Innovative Governance (2017-20):

  • ADMN 470 Contemporary Topics in Administration; Intergovernmental Relations (Jean Monnet Chair course; online CourseSpace)
  • ADMN 504 Government and Governance (online)
  • DR 525 Managing Organizations, Systems and Community Transformations (Jean Monnet Chair course; CourseSpace and in-class week long residence)
  • CD 509 Dispute Resolution System Design and Public Interest Disputes (Three Units for the Jean Monnet Chair; In Class with CourseSpace support)


Dr. Brunet-Jailly is currently supervising nine Borders In Globalization research students, four post-doctoral students, and 4 MPA students. Since 2000, he has supervised and served on the committees of 70 graduate MPA, MA, MACD and MADR major reports (598) or theses (599), and seven Ph.D. students.

Professional Appointments and Memberships

  • European Community Studies Association - Canada
  • Association of Border Studies
  • Urban Affairs Association
  • American Political Science Association
  • Canadian Political Science Association
  • Border Region in Transition

Dr. Brunet-Jailly talks European Cross-Border Regions

In this video, Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly delivers his keynote speech at "Rethinking Borders in the Middle East" conference.