Gregory Blue

Gregory Blue
Associate Fellow
Centre for Global Studies

Recently retired, Gregory Blue originally studied philosophy and social & political science in the United States, Belgium and Great Britain. From 1990 until 2014 he taught world history in the History Department of the University of Victoria, where he continues to work with graduate students in a variety of disciplines. Before coming to Victoria, he was a research associate at the Needham Research Institute / East Asian History of Science Library in Cambridge, England, from 1977 until 1990.

Greg Blue's current research includes projects on the history of Western interpretations of Chinese history and society and an intellectual biography of the pioneering historian of Chinese science, Joseph Needham. He has broader research interests in international politics, the history of China and South Asia since 1400, Western intellectual and cultural history, the comparative history of science, international social movements, economic and social history, and the history of colonial and post-colonial societies.