Dr. Matt Murphy

Dr. Matt Murphy
Associate Professor


BBA in International Business, University of Texas at Austin; Master of Research and PhD in Management Sciences, ESADE Business School, Spain

Office: BEC 434


  • Business and human rights
  • Cross-sector relationships / collaborations
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Trade justice

Matthew Murphy, assistant professor of sustainability and strategy, joined the Gustavson team at UVic in 2012 and teaches and researches in the area of sustainability and social entrepreneurship.

His primary research focus is on interactions between businesses and civil society organizations, issues of trade justice and social entrepreneurship. Through his research, he hopes to help businesses improve their human rights performance as well as to improve Indigenous communities’ abilities to protect their human rights and fulfill their right to self-determination.

To meet that goal, Matt researches business and development and the management of cross-sector alliances. He looks at companies that are trying to work with partners from other sectors, and those that are trying to settle conflicts with communities or are engaging with social justice issues. Often, this research leads him to focus on the relationships between Indigenous communities and mining companies.

Recent and ongoing research projects include, among others: developing processes and tools in collaboration with the Toquaht First Nation on Vancouver Island to evaluate the socio-cultural fit of prospective economic development projects; building capabilities for improvement of human rights performance in extractive industry companies; building capabilities for engagement with corporations in indigenous/campesino communities; opportunities and challenges for progressing beyond fair trade.

His work has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Management Development, as well as in several practitioner-oriented journals and books.

Matt is also a co-founder of the social enterprise Value Added in Africa and, prior to entering academia, he worked for 12 years in the financial services industry in roles related to international market development, strategic alliances, and project management. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate students and speaks Spanish in addition to English.

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SSHRC Grant towards supporting a Toquaht Sustainable Economy (2014 TO 2017)

  • working with the Toquaht and a group of interdisciplinary scholars to develop socially and culturally sensitive monitoring and evaluation mechanisms that will be used by the Toquaht First Nation to evaluate economic development project proposals and assess the impact of economic development projects that are implemented.


  • Business and Sustainability (BCom & MBA)
  • Social Entrepreneurship (BCom)