Here to Help (information products)

Funding bodies: BC Mental Health Society Branch and BC Ministry of Health

Background: Here to Help is an ongoing project aimed at helping all people in the province learn how to better prevent and manage mental health and substance use issues—at home, in the workplace and in the community. Our part in the project involves developing and updating substance use information products for distribution on the heretohelp website.

These activities support health literacy, the knowledge and skills people need to maximize their health within their environments. Drug literacy, a type of health literacy, means imparting the knowledge and skills needed to effectively navigate a world in which psychoactive substances are present and commonly used. This project therefore plays a key role in helping people in the province make better decisions about substance use in the context of their own unique situations.


For a complete list of pubications see heretohelp.

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  • Dan Reist (principal)
  • Reimer, B.
  • Remocker, Catriona