Here to Help (information products)

Funding body

 BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority.


 Here to Help is an ongoing project of BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information. It seeks to help British Columbians and others who visit its web repository learn how to better understand and manage mental health and substance use issues—at home, in the workplace and in the community. As one of seven BC partners, CISUR serves on the project stewardship team and updates substance use information products for distribution on the website. These activities support health literacy, the knowledge and skills people need to enhance well-being within their environments. Drug literacy, one form of health literacy, means imparting the knowledge and skills needed to effectively navigate a world where psychoactive substances are present and commonly used. This project plays a key role in helping people in the province be better informed when making decisions about substance use in the context of their own unique situations.

2021-2022 updates

Here To Help continues to be a major vehicle for CISUR Knowledge Mobilization health literacy work. Over 50 of our resources are now part of the website’s collection. This year saw major updates to three of our core works including Understanding Substance Use: A health promotion perspective, Supporting People Who Use Substances: a brief guide for friends and family and You and Substance Use: Things to think about and ways to make changes. Several of our Safer Use and Learn about information sheets received minor updates to bring them in line with current evidence, changes in practice or harm reduction best practices. In 2022-23 CISUR will participate in streamlining Here to Help content and developing and implementing administrative changes to enhance access to Here to Help resources and heighten visibility of less used partner agency products.


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