Alcohol and other drug screening and education

Funding bodies: BC Mental Health Society Branch and BC Ministry of Health

Background: Alcohol and other drug screening and education is an ongoing project aimed at increasing the reach of assessment tools and harm reduction information to help more people in BC take more control over their health. Promoting health through screening and education is in keeping with the recommendations in Healthy Minds, Healthy People: A ten-year plan to address mental health and substance use in British Columbia.

Among other recommendations, the publication encourages BC agencies to take action to improve the reach of self-management and supported self-management tools, prevent substance-related problems and reduce costs to government by screening for hazardous drinking, and encourage uptake of evidence-based substance use information through heretohelp and other reputable web portals.

This project to date has involved creating and promoting online and paper-based screening tools and brief intervention materials, e.g., Alcohol Reality Check, for adults and teens, and supporting harm reduction events, such as Beyond the Blues education and screening days, by participating in planning meetings and providing training and tools for local organizers.


For a list of publications see Screening and brief intervention tools.

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