The International Model of Alcohol Harms and Policies

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The International Model of Alcohol Harms and Policies (InterMAHP) version 1.0 is a comprehensive set of guidelines, methods and manuals, as well as a SAS®-based tool created towards the goal of standardizing and automating the calculation and application of alcohol-attributable fractions (AAFs) globally. 

Our intention is that it will be used by international alcohol research teams to assist in alcohol harms estimation, in particular in relation to alcohol-attributable mortality and morbidity calculation.

Free to download, the InterMAHP suite is complete with:

  • a comprehensive guide describing the process of estimating alcohol harms and the complete methods used to calculate InterMAHP AAFs,
  • a user’s manual for reference by researchers when completing this exercise, and
  • a SAS® program including both an easy-to-use program interface and the backend coding necessary to compute AAFs.

It is the hope of the authors that this InterMAHP suite will provide the international alcohol epidemiology community with a standard set of methodologies which, when adopted by a critical number of alcohol researchers, will result in more comparable estimates across global jurisdictions, while at the same time providing a useful tool for alcohol harm estimation that may increase the accessibility and adoptability of these methods to more and more regions worldwide.

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Version 1.0 | December 2017