Visions: BC's mental health and substance use journal

Funding body

BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority


This is an ongoing project aimed at increasing the representation of substance-related information in the award-winning quarterly magazine. It is written by and for a range of BC audiences: people who have experienced mental health or substance use issues, their family and friends, service providers, community advocates, leaders, decision-makers and those who are interested in learning more about substance use. Visions is a central knowledge exchange vehicle of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information. The magazine creates a place where many perspectives on mental health and substance use issues can be heard. As one of seven BC partners, CISUR serves on the editorial advisory group and contributes articles that focus on substance use and socio-ecological approaches to understanding, addressing and managing substance use issues. This project plays a key role in helping to build a shared understanding of substance use from a health promotion perspective.

2021-2022 updates

Visions underwent several changes in 2021-22. The magazine retains its focus on promoting mental health and substance use literacy, how that end is achieved has shifted.  There is a greater emphasis on collaboration among partner agencies in content generation and decision-making at all levels of magazine production, primarily via an engaged and supportive Advisory Board. For example, while areas such as housing, youth, and wellness remain prominent in Visions content, there is acknowledgement of pressing societal concerns and their influence on health and well-being. Recent issues addressed systemic racism and COVID-19. Reader feedback indicated this was a welcome change and they appreciated discussion of topical matters. Upcoming issues will speak to the influences of a digital world and the effects of intergenerational trauma. In 2022-23 CISUR will co-lead the Visions project and guide creation of one full issue.    

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