Sustainable Livelihoods and Climate Change Regulation: Asian Approaches

Workshop | 5 June 2019 | Hanoi, Vietnam


While some livelihood activities are in harmony with nature, others are in competition with it. In some instances, people have to adapt or change their livelihoods because of the environmental impact; at others, people are deprived of the very basis of their livelihoods because of the irreversible changes in climate.

It is this inherent link between livelihood activities and climate change that we hope to explore in this workshop. While exploring this linkage, our objective is to learn from Asian approaches to, and instances of, engaging with sustainable livelihoods and climate change regulation.


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Conference hosts


Hanoi Law University

with contributions from CAPI and UVic Faculty of Law

Conference sponsors


Institute of Legal Science (Viện Khoa học Pháp lý), Ministry of Justice, Vietnam

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