IALH Faculty Affiliate Sam Liu

Sam Liu, Assistant Professor in the School of Exercise Science and Health Education and Director of the Digital Health Lab

IALH Faculty Affiliate Debra Sheets with Student Affiliate Sanjit Roy

Debra Sheets pictured with PhD Student Sanjit Roy

IALH Fellow Robert Gifford

Robert (Bob) Gifford, Professor, Department of Psychology

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Jonathan Rush, Department of Psychology

Hosna Jabbari, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

The Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (IALH) is a network of individuals including university researchers, graduate and post-doctoral students, as well as community members, who are committed to improving the health and quality of life of an increasingly diverse population.

If you are interested in becoming an IALH Faculty Fellow, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Student Affiliate or Associate Member, please contact Dr. Jo Ann Miller, Research Manager, at 

IALH Staff

Victoria site
The creation of a multidisciplinary, university-based research centre was initiated in 1987. The Centre on Aging updated its name to the Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health in 2016 to highlight the interdisciplinary work of affiliates in the social, behavioral, and health sciences to improve health and well-being across the lifespan. The Victoria site currently reside at Hut-R at the University of Victoria.

General inquiries
Phone: 250-721-6369





Ami Bitschy

Project Coordinator

Palliative Approaches to Care in Aging & Community Health Research Team


Denise Cloutier

IALH Research Fellow


Damien Contandriopoulos

Acting Institute Director


Carren Dujela

Research Coordinator 

Palliative Approaches to Care in Aging & Community Health Research Team


Ashleigh Enright

Administrative Assistant


Charlotte Futcher

Research Assistant

Palliative Approaches to Care in Aging & Community Health Research Team


Harjot Grewal

Research Coordinator



Elena Hagedorn

IALH Finance Adminstrator 


Sepideh Heydari

Postdoctoral Fellow


Scott Hofer

Director (on study leave until June 30, 2022)


Breanna Horne

 Research Assistant

Palliative Approaches to Care in Aging & Community Health Research Team


Jo Ann Miller

IALH Research Manager


Ashley Mollison

Project Coordinator

Palliative Approaches to Care in Aging & Community Health Research Team


Leah Potter

Institute Administrator


Kelli Stajduhar

IALH Research Fellow


Stacey Voll

Data Analyst


Kara Whitlock

Research Assistant

Palliative Approaches to Care in Aging & Community Health Research Team


Shahnaz Winer

Research Assistant

Cognition & Technology Research Group


Sascha Zuber

Visiting Scholar





Ladner site

In 2002 the Ladner satellite office was established in Delta, BC. A major focus of activity of the Ladner Office is recruiting and training volunteers to deliver self-management programs and training health care professionals to use self-management support strategies when interacting with patients. The Ladner office self-management programs give people the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to successfully manage chronic health conditions.

For more information on the self-management programs, visit their website here.

General Inquiries
Phone: 604-940-1273
Toll-free: 1-866-902-3767






Jay Bains

Coordinator: Punjabi Programs


Christine Bramwell

Coordinator: Interior Health


Margaret Chernaske

Project Support


June Clearsky

Coordinator: Fraser Health North & Aboriginal Liaison


Mark Davies

Coordinator: Northern Health 

Julieta Gerbrandt

Project Support


Brenda Gyurkovics

Project Support


Karen Hannah

Lead, HCP Pairing & Support


Fran Hensen

Health Coach Program Educator


Lisa Herriot

Program Assistant


Navah Jacobs

Research Assistant


Courtney Kang

Coordinator:  Chinese Programs


Naida Khan

Office Manager


Charles Labun

Coordinator: Fraser Health South (Surrey/Delta)


David Langer

Coordinator: Vancouver Coastal (Vancouver & Richmond)


Sherry Lynch

Research Associate


Patrick McGowan

Associate Director- IALH Ladner Site


Ginette McLennan

Project Support


John Murphy

Coordinator: Fraser Health East (Langley to Hope)


Leah Otsig

Coordinator: Vancouver Island 


Ana Pacheco

Health Coach Program Support


Louise Rolland

Coordinator: Vancouver Coastal (Vancouver North, Sea-to-Sky, Sunshine Coast/Powell River); IT Support


Gundeep Sidhu

Project Coordinator: Punjabi programs


IALH Research Fellows

UVic faculty research fellows bring a diverse range of expertise in the fields of sociology, geography, psychology, economics, business, law, medical sciences, exercise science, philosophy, engineering, nursing, public health and social policy, child and youth care, social work, and public administration.


Research interests 

Ames, Megan


Mental health; health behaviour; adolescences; young adults; youth mental health promotion; autism spectrum disorders

Beringer, Robert

Public Health and Social Policy

Health equity; 2SLGBTQ+ Aging; technology and aging

Bertoni, Katherine


Primary care delivery models; nurse practitioner practice and leadership; palliative approach to care; diabetes care and management

Borycki, Elizabeth

Health Information Science


Aging and assistive technologies; patient safety and technology; virtual care technologies; data science; human factors

Brown, Craig

Division of Medical Sciences

Brain plasticity; understanding vascular & immunological contributions to age & related cognitive decline

Buckler, Jean

Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education

Health promotion; physical literacy, childhood and adolescent physical activity; gender-inclusive physical activity programs

Caruncho, Hector 

Division of Medical Sciences


Neurobiology of mental disorders; links between depression and Alzheimer’s disease; biomarkers of early dementia; biomarkers of mood and psychotic disorders; reelin, sex and gender 

Chou, Fred

Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies


Intergenerational trauma and resilience; Asian mental health; Participatory Action Research; narrative research; youth mental health promotion; cultural and community psychology; intergenerational relations.


Christie, Brian

Division of Medical Sciences

 Effects of exercise on the human brain; effects of concussions on cognitive health later in life; use of video games to enhance cognitive health later in life

Clark, Nancy


Mental health; immigrant, refugee and racialized communities; health equity; social justice; intersectionality; community based participatory action oriented research; patient oriented research

Cloutier, Denise

Department of Geography

 Health services research; healthy aging: healthy communities; social determinants of health; vulnerable populations (stroke-affected, dementia, end-of-life, immigrant older adults, socially isolated, residents of Long Term Care) 

Contandriopoulos, Damien



 Primary care delievery models; nurses' roles in primary care; home care; social network models; health policy making; knowledge traslation

Courtney, Karen

School of Health Information Science

Community based health information technology to support older adults in co-managing their health; ethical use of health information technology; use of health information technology to support patients and family caregivers at end of life 

Chrimes, Dillon

Health Information Science

Aging; artificial intelligence; biomedical informatics; data analytics; digital health; electronic health records; hospital system; surveillance

Dordunoo, Dzifa


 Cardiovascular health; global health; quality improvement; knowledge translation; metal hypersensitivity

Garcia-Barrera, Mauricio

Department of Psychology

 Executive functioning; neuropsychological assessment; concussions; healthy aging

Gawryluk, Jodie

Department of Psychology


Neuropsychology and neuroimaging; identification of biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders; healthy aging; intervention studies; challenges for individuals with cognitive decline and their caregivers

Gifford, Robert


 Impacts of climate change on, and by, older adults

Giles, Josh

Mechanical Engineering

Musculoskeletal and orthopedic medical device design; patient assessment and rehabilitation; surgical planning; biomechanics; computational modeling; in vitro biomechanical experimentation; statistical morphological analysis

Handlovsky, Ingrid


Health needs and experiences of middle-aged and older self-identifying gay men; curriculum development to support nursing care of middle-aged and older self-identifying gay men 

Haworth, Brandon

Computer Science

Agent-based modeling; predictive (crowd-aware) environment design; motion capture for biomechanical modeling; human-centred artificial intelligence in design and modeling; simulation for analytics and animation; representation in dynamic simulation, animation and graphics; artificial intelligence in diagnoses; serious games for rehabilitation; partiipatory design

Hofer, Scott

Department of Psychology

 Cognitive health and dementia; digital health technology; longitudinal studies of aging, integrative data analysis

Jobarri, Hosna

Computer Science


Bioinformatics; medical informatics; transcriptomics; RNA structure-function prediction; RNA therapy; DNA methylation; mechanism of function prediction; artifical intelligence; high throughput sequence data analysis; aging

Kobayashi, Karen


Visible minority; immigrant and refugee health; social isolation and loneliness; assistive technologies and intervention research; knowledge mobilization; implementation science; mental health

Kushniruk, Andre

Health Information Science

Human-computer interaction; cognitive science; health informatics; digital health; ehealth literacy; health information systems

Kwon, Jae-Yung


Patient-reported outcomes; hermeneutics;knowledge translation; care of older adults with comorbidities

lewallen, ann-elise

Pacific & Asian Studies

environmental health issues among Indigenous communities in Northeast and Eastern India;ethnographic, survey based methods;health impacts related to geographic location

Lachowsky, Nathan

Public Health and Social Policy

LGBTQ2+ communities; sexual health across the lifespan; sexually transmitted infections; HIV/AIDs; community-based research; mixed and multi-method studies; prospective cohort design; health equity

Liu, Sam

Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education

 Chronic disease prevention and management; mHealth; web-based interventions; big data; data prediction

MacDonald, Stuart

Department of Psychology


Cognitive aging; early detection of cognitive impairment; lifestyle engagements for successful aging; aging in place; technology in the home; longitudinal data analysis; gait; functional biomarkers of cognitive function; variability

Mallidou, Anastasia



Applied health services research; research competencies; knowledge translation competencies; leadership in health care organizations; evidence-based practice and health policy; healthy aging; technology use in health; health informatics

McGowan, Patrick

Public Health and Social Policy


Interventions for individuals with chronic health conditions; implementation, spread and sustainability of interventions; effectiveness of various interventions with specific chronic conditions

Minshall, Simon

Health Information Science

Data analytics; visualization; medical imaging; human factors; 

Monkman, Helen

Health Information Science

eHealth/digital health literacy; consumer health informatics; human factors; human-computer interaction; information visualization

Murray, Alison


Bone biology, skeletal plasticity to loading; bone hormones

Newton, Lorelei


Care of the older person with cancer; nursing ethics

Nutter, Sarah

Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies

Weight stigma, theories of weight stigma, development of effective interventions, impact of weight stigma on health and health care

Ou, Christine



Perinatal mental health; sleep; parenting;infant/child development;Queer parenting; policy development for psychosocial healthcare in long term care; knowledge translation and mobilization

Paterson, Theone


Cognitive and pyschosocial predictors of health behaviours; impact of technology on these behaviours; improved measurement and assessment tools for assessment of cognitive decline; development of interventions with possible impmact on rate of cognitive and/or functional decline; impacts of COVID-19 and pandemic on psychosocial and cognitive outcomes

Perin, Charles

Computer Science

Visualization; human-computer interaction; health informatics; patient-generated data; quantified self; sports data visualization

Petrovskaya, Olga

Health Information Science & Nursing


eHealth; digital health; implementation of clinical information systems and patient portals

Piccinin, Andrea


Trajectories of cognitive change in normal aging and neurodegenerative disorders; impact of physical health changes on these trajectories; longitudinal research; role of (un)diagnosed ADHD in late life cognitive performance level and change

Rhodes, Ryan

Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education

Behavioural medicine and behaviour change interventions; pyschology of physcial activity and sedentary behaviour; theories of motivation

Sheets, Debra



Healthy aging; technologies to support older adults; community-based interventions to support the independence of individuals with dementia; caregiver supports

Somanath, Sowmya

Computer Science

 Human computer interaction; technology to support hands-on activities (e.g. building physical interactive artifacts); co-design; technology for health; assistive technologies; interaction design

Smith, André



Aging and social capital; role of organizational culture in efforts to reduce anti-pyschotic medication in long term care; choir singing for individuals with dementia and their caregivers

Smith, Kurt

Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education 

Mechanism responsible for physiological adaptation in the cerebral vasculature throughout the lifepan; environmental factors that impact cerebrovascular function; sex differences in cerebrovascular regulation

Stajduhar, Kelli



Chronic and life-limiting conditions; palliative and end-of-life care; vulnerable and marginalized populations; familiy caregiving; health services, systems and policies for an aging population

Sukhawathanakul, Paweena


Each childhood and adolescent indicators of mental health across the life span; best practices with regard to the prevention of injuries and promotion of road safety

Templeman, Nicole



Signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms that coordinate an organism's nutrtional status with metabollic responses, reproduction and maintenance of cell and tissue integrity with age: age-related changes from the molecular and cellular levels to the whole organism

Tremblay, Marie-Ève (Eve)

Division of Medical Sciences

Aging, stress, diet, lifestyle, infection immunity, microglia, learning, memory, cognition, neurodegenerative disease, animal models, post-mortem human brain samples, clinical studies, fluorescence, confocal and electron microscopy, behavioural analyses, molecular studies

Turner, Brianna


Suicide and self-harm; disordered eating; risk-taking behaviours; micro-longitudinal methods; digital health; psychotherapy; behavioural therapy; Borderline Personality Disorder

Willerth, Stephanie

Mechanical Engineering/Division of Medical Sciences

Neural tissue models of age related disorders (e.g. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's)

Zehr, E. Paul

School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education

 Enhanced aging; interventions to improve balance and reduce falls

Zhang, Jie

Gustavson School of Business

How to deliver home care efficiently with a high level of continuity; how to organize adaptive service systems to support transistions through the aging process

Postdoctoral Fellows


Research interests 

Heydari, Sepideh


Brain health; healthy aging; multiple sclerosis; superaging; digital health technology; wearable medical devices; cognitive control; decision making; pain

Sun, Yao

Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education

Neurophysiology; balance; posture control; fall prevention; aging; rehabilitaton; 

Thakkar, Vidhi


Aging; palliative care; digital health; health equity; patient-oriented research; health services and policy research

Wagner, Sarah


Long-term care; social isolation; digital inclusion; critical ethnography; digital storytelling; collaborative research

IALH Student Affiliates


Research interests 

Anthony Theodore Amato

Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisor: Nathan Lachowsky 

HIV Health promotion in Gay/Bi and other men who have sex with men (MSM); health equity across generations

Masako Anderson

 Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisor: Kelli Stajduhar, Karen Kobayashi

Death and dying; end of life care; advance care planning; older adult mental health; home care; older adult abuse/neglect/self-neglect; vulnerable adults, especially Japanese

Camille Angus

Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisor: Scott Hofer 

 Healthy successful aging

Faria Athar


Supervisor: Nicole Templeman

Impact of nutrition and diet on aging; reproductive health; menopause; role of exercise on aging; reproductive aging; improving health and care outcomes for aged persons

Coady Babin

Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisor: Nathan Lachowsky

Health equity – specifically related to LGBTQ community, including autonomy and independence, access, experiences with health care systems

Jessica Percy Campbell

Political Science

Supervisor: Colin Benett

 Aging and technology; marketing towards senniors; technological solutions

Tess Carswell

Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Josh Giles

Medical device design; female-specific lower limb prosthetic design; user-centred design of medical devices; human factors engeineering; patient-oriented research; sex and gender differences in lower limb amputees; patient assessment and rehabilitation; biomechanics; computational modeling

Matilde (Matty) Cervantes

Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisor: Debra Sheets

 Social and psychological health of dementia caregivers; community engagement and cognitive declien; health and friendly environments for older people

Simone Cormier

Social Work


Advocacy for self-determination; ageist stereotypes and stigmatization; impacts of stereotypes and stigmatization; impacts of COVID-19 on well-being; support for individuals with COVID-19 related mental health concerns

Erin Donald


Supervisor: Kelli Stajduhar

Pre-existing and mental illness and advancing life limiting conditions; health equality

Gillian Eades Telford

Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisors: Karen Courtney; Anastasia Mallidou

Community dwelling centanarians’ perceptions of life long successful aging predictors; qualitative research

Amr Farghali

Health Information Science

Supervisor: Elizabeth Borycki

Clinical informatics; innovative technologies to improve clinical practice, workflow, enhanced outcomes and patient safety; analysis of clinical data; tools or applications to visualize disease analytics; use of digital health solutions on medication compliance; impact of digital health solutions on clinical outcomes

Cheiyenne Fontanilla


Supervisor: Collette Smart

Psychiatric and neurological aspects of mild cognitive impairment and dementia; cognitive and attentional processes associated with subjective cognitive decline; interventions to prevent mild cognitive impairment

Maddie Gregory


Supervisor: Theone Paterson

Healthy aging; cognitive reserve; predictors of cognitive decline; psychological health

Kareen Hall

Health Information Science

Supervisor: Karen Courtney

Older adults; older adults and the intersection with digital health and health equity

Heather Hollman

School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education

Supervisor: Ryan Rhodes

Physical activity; digial health; pregnancy and postpartum health; lumbopelvic pain; low back pain; pelvic girdle pain; health behaviours; family physical activity; psychology of physical activity

Junko Fukui Innes

School of Health Information

Supervisor: Abdul Vahabpour Roudsari 

Quality assurance; home support; seniors living independently at home; advanced analytics; technology

Sean Kiley

Music Composition & Psychology

Supervisors: Anthony Tan, Stuart MacDonald

Perception of time and memory; engagement with environment; factors that influence our perception and alter our states of mind; methods to enhance and optimize mind and body coherence so that alternative forms of healing may occur; cognitive disorders; attention deficit disorder

Amy Kim

Health Information Science

Supervisor: Abdul Roudsari

Mental health and addiction; clinical decision support; digital health

Jamie Knight


Supervisor: Andrea Piccinin

Cognitive and olfaction, early diagnosis; neurodegenerative diseases

Colleen Lacey


Supervisor: Jodie Gawryluk

 Using neuroimaging and neuropsychological assessment measures to better understand healthy aging processes and neuropyschological conditions; investigating the use of non-pharmaceutical treatment (e.g. exercise) for neuropyschological conditions


Adrienne Lagura


Supervisor: Dzifa Dordunoo

Adult cardiology; public health; transplant; health equity

Victor Lau

Division of Medical Sciences

Supervisor: Marie-Ève  Tremblay

Cellular senescence and aging; neuroimmune interactions and pharmacological treatments; role of glial cells in neurodegenerative disease and psychiatric disorders

Maybins Lengwe

Computer Science

Supervisor: Jens Weber

Digital health; visualization; human computer interaction

Nathan Lewis


Supervisor: Scott Hofer

Cognitive reserve & resilience to dementia; early detection of cognitive change; relationship between physiologicalhealth and cognitive functioning

Cindy Li

Health Information Science

Supervisor: Elizabeth Borycki

Smart homes in helathcare; virtual care (virtual reality, augmented reality, video applications, etc)

Cameron Lindsay

Health Information Science

Supervisor: Karen Courtney

Novel telehealth methodologies to improve access to Ear/Nose/Throat specialist services; use of health care proxies by ENT specialists for consultations, including use of specialized equipment

Cindy McDowell


Supervisor: Stuart MacDonald

 Individual differences and cognitive health in the aging population; biological predictors of cognitive decline; risk and preventative factors; dementia symptom reduction reduction and social cognitive lifestyle interventions

Ashley Mollison

Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisor: Kelli Stajduhar

Palliative and end-of-life care; poverty and homelessness; equity-informed care; harm reduction

Jordan Monks

Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisors: Charlotte Loppie, Christopher Auld

Healthy aging; sexual health; health economics; older adult sexual health; STI prevention and treatment in older women

Lisa Olhauser


Supervisor: Jodie Gawryluk

 Neuropyscholgy; healthy aging;cognitive rehabilitation

Ashleigh Parker


Supervisor: Jodie Gawryluk

Neuropsychology; neuroimaging through MRI; Alzheimer’s disease; subjective cognitive decline

Aleah Ross

Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education

Supervisor: Ryan Rhodes

Health psychology; physical activity and health behaviours; clinical populations

Kelsey Rounds


Supervisor: Bernie Pauly


Trans, two spirit and gender diverse aging; resilience, intersectionality; narrative inquiry


Sanjit Roy

Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisor: Debra Sheets

Healthy aging; quality of life for people living with Alzheimers and related dementias

Sebastian Santana


Supervisor: Stuart MacDonald

Health interventions; health policy; cognitive health in later life

Vanessa Scarapicchia


Supervisor: Jodie Gawryluk

Using neuroimaging technologyto better understand and prevent environmental and physiological factors that contribute to agerelated cognitive decline 

Morgan Schaeffer


Supervisor: Theone Paterson

Determining psychological variables which may predict cognitive decline in older adults (e.g. personality traits; non-pharmalogical interventions for preventing/reversing cognitive decline such as psycho-education, mindfulness)

Kimberly Shapkin


Supervisor: Esther Snagster-Gormely

Decision making in older adults; living well with dementia

Audrey Tung


Supervisor: Denise Cloutier 

Homelessness in older women, social justice, social policy, human rights, social determinants of health

Cameron Trim

School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education

Supervisor: Sam Liu

mhealth for complentary treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Baeleigh VanderZwaag


Supervisor: Mauricio Garcia-Barrera

Brain injury (particularly concussion) treatment; neurorehabiliation; brain health; alternative therapies/treatments

Rebecca Vendittelli


Supervisor: Scott Hofer

Use of a mobile-based assessment application to measure psychosocial and lifestyle variables as well as cognition

Michaela (Kayla) Verlaan


Supervisor: Nancy Clark

Addictions; mental health; health disparities; community health; geriatrics; health across bodily systems; sustainable development goals; palliative care

Evangeline Wagner

Health Information Science

Supervisor: Elizabeth Borycki

At home assisted living; dementia care for patients and caregivers at home

Mattie Walker

Public Health and Social Policy

Supervisor: Nathan Lachowsky

Trans, Two Spirit and non-binary mental health; safety in the trauma support contexts for gender diverse populations; gender diverse young people; gender-based violence; community based trauma supports and violence response

Amanda Webber


Supervisors: Scott Hofer, Mauricio Garcia-Barrera

Examining protective factors (e.g., concussion) that impact cognitive functioning within young adults and aging populations using computerized cognitive tests, behavioural measurement screeners and ecological momentary assesment

Catherine Webster

Health Informatics 

Supervisors: Frances Lau; Jae-Yung Kwon

Nursing informatics; telehealth; interoperability across health regions; perceptions of HER adoption by clinical staff

Alex Wells

Public Health and Social Policy

Supervisor: Nathan Lachowsky

Role of LGBTQ2S recreational sports teams and leagues in supporting the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ2S individuals and communities; intergenerational nature of LGBTQ2S sports teams and leagues

Logan White

Social Dimensions of Health

Supervisors: Nathan Lachowsky, Katelin Albert

Chronic health; mental health; lifelong health; global health; First Nations/Indigenous health; refugee health

Tomiko (Tiko) Yoneda


Supervisor: Andrea Piccinin

Early indicators for cognitive decline

Alison Ziesel

Computer Science

Supervisor: Alex Thomo & Hosna Jabbari

Changes in gene expression over human aging; epigenetic changes in DNA and RNA over human againg

Sasha Zinovich


Supervisor: Andre Smith

Impact of social influences on healthcare decisions; inequalities in access to healthcare; social influences on moral regualtion and ethical behaviour

Associate Members




 Elisabeth Antifeau

Regional Clinical Nurse Specialist, Palliative Care

Interior Health 

Samar Aoun

Professor of Palliative Care, Palliative Care Unit, School of Psychology and Public Health

La Trobe University

Carl Asche

Research Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine

University of Illinois

Paul Brewster

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

University of Victoria 


Research Interests: Digital cognitive assessment; early detection of Alzheimer's disease; life course socioeconomic influences on late life cognition; advanced psychometric methods

Stephanie Calce

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

University of Victoria 

Research Interests: Skeletal biology; aging and bone health; bioarchaeology and forensic anthropoogy; biomedical aspects of human health; pathogenesis of disease; paleopathology; osteoarthritis

Arlene Carson


AJ Carson Consulting & Research

Chris Corbett


Sarah-Louise Decrausaz

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

University of Victoria 

Research Interests: Biological anthropology; human biology; human growth and development; pregnancy; puberty; medical imaging

Elizabeth Dow


Dow Consulting in Gerontology

Gunn Grande

Manchester Institute for Collaborative Reseach on Ageing

University of Manchester

Taylor Hainstock

Leader, Patient and Public Reasearch Engagement

Island Health

 Arne Hetherington 

Independent researcher

Sherin Jamal 

School of Nursing, University of Victoria

Research Interests: Immigrant, ethno-cultural and visible minority older adults' access to care; equity-oriented palliative approaches to care; long-term residential care; health services research

Sharon Koehn

Adjunct Professor, Department of Gerontology 

Simon Fraser University

 Principal, Sharon Koehn Research Consulting

Andriy Koval

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Management and Informatics

University of Central Florida

Research Interests: Quantitative methods; data-driven model of human aging; utilization of health services; reproducible data visualizations

Tammy Maclean

Postdoctoral Researcher, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

University of Toronto

Susan McDaniel

Adjunct Professor, Department of Sociology

University of Victoria

Research Interests: Population aging, life course, social determinants of health, social policy

 Trudy Pauluth-Penner

 Assistant Adjunct Professor, Applied Theatre

University of Victoria

Research Interests: advancing lifelong health and well-being through intergenerational applied theatre arts initiatives; how aging is portrayed in the media; aging over time; promoting holistic-person-and-capability-centred care for people with dementia; enhancing quality in residential care with older adults' family perspectives;policy development for psychosocial healthcare in long term care; reminiscence/life review therapeutic interventions for older adults; prevelance of arts in care facilities; supports, barriers in BC and nationally 

Ariane Plaisance


School of Nursing, University of Victoria 

Research Interests: Palliative care; health research services; advance care planning; end-of-life practices

Shaina Raza

CIHR Health Systems Impact Fellow, Public Health Ontario 

& University of Toronto


Kaitlyn Roland


Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Public Health and Social Policy

University of Victoria

Research Interests: Parkinson's disease; dementia; caregiving; functional ability; activities of daily living; long term care

 Jonathan Rush

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Research Interests: Intra-individual processes; well-being; longitudinal methodology and analyses

Richard Sawatzky

Professor of Nursing

Trinity Western University

Canada Research Chair in Person-Centred Outcomes

Vicki Scott

Clinical Professor, School of Poulation and Public Health

University of British Columbia

Laura Tamblyn Watts

Founder & CEO, CanAge

Andrew Wister

Professor, Department of Gerontology

Simon Fraser University

Director, Gerontology Research Centre

Zachary Zimmer

Professorship, Department of Family Studies and Gerontology

Mount Saint Vincent University

Canada Research Chair in Global Aging and Community