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Our research activities are vibrant with extensive research collaborations both internationally and nationally.

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2018 VERA recipients

Valued Elder Recognition Award

The Valued Elder Recognition Award (VERA) honours volunteers who, over their lifetime, have given exemplary service to helping others in the Capital Regional District (CRD).

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Chronic conditions self management workshop session

Self-management programs

The Stanford Self-Management Programs are free, evidence-based education programs for adults experiencing ongoing physical or mental health issues.

Self-Management Programs
Holly Tuokko at CLSA event 2017

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

CLSA aims to find ways to help us live long and live well, and understand why some people age in a healthy fashion while others do not. 

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Annual Health awareness forum

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We host an array of events including lectures, conferences, colloquium and more. Detailed information about our current offerings is available on our events page.


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IALH research affiliates

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Our affiliates are actively involved in aging-related research and can be found at UVic and around the world.

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Research improving lives

The Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (IALH) is committed to promoting and conducting rigorous basic and applied research to improve the health and quality of life of individuals across the life course.

Our research is rooted in a broad orientation to health and aging that includes attention to the social, psychological, environmental, geographical, and cultural contexts in which people live, as well as the institutions responsible for the health of aging populations. Read more about IALH.

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Read about Dr. Holly Tuokko's career highlights and 2018 VERA recipients in our 2018 Bulletin.

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